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Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Bambi Series Review

Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Bambi series review

So I'm back with the famous Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey circle lenses review. The circle lens pattern is designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka, one of the most influential and popular Japanese teen models. Well, I've already reviewed the chocolate brown and since these are a part of the same series, the review obviously will not be too different. I got these lenses from www.lensflavors.com/

Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Bambi series review

Diameter: 14.8mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Life Span: 1 Year Disposal

Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey (Bambi series)

Color and Design:
I am a major lover for grey lenses and these Sesame greys were just freaking gorgeous. The colors blend in nicely with my natural brown eye color. There are brown dots towards the center of the lenses which design a nice blending effect. 

LensFlavor Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Review

I must say this lenses is very amazing. They enlarge my eyes a lot, it's not like they are 14.8 mm. Sometimes it's look they have 15.0 mm diameter.  The thick black circle ring makes your eyes really big and dolly, the enlargement is a solid 10/10. 

Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Review

They're highly comfortable (although I would recommend that you use eye drops if you're planning for a full day's wear, as with any lenses they do dry your eyes out slightly).

Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Review

I would highly recommend them if you're after some gorgeously clear grey lenses that look good no matter what colour your eyes are, they give your eyes some superb pop quality to them, and look just gorgeous in general. All in all these lenses are perfect if you want to create a dolly effect. 

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  1. kawaaaaaii banget **pingin cubit kamuuuh**

  2. Cantik banget dan cocok sama kamu warna softlensnya^^


  3. The lenses look really lovely on you. I have never worn lenses though.

  4. great review !
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  5. Grey colour really suits u ♡ ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

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  6. Oh my gosh I love the pattern on these lens! They look so good on you (have I mentioned before that you're super pretty? Well, you're gorgeous!)

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com

  7. Amazing look!
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    Gil Zetbase

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