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DevilInspired Review-Chinese Palace Lanterns by Neverland Lolita

DevilInspired Review-Chinese Palace Lanterns by Neverland Lolita

Hello kawaii lovers! This is a last post before I'm going to Japan.. ehemm.. I can talk to much since I'm very very happy now.. I'll be active on my blog after 15 July and of course I'll share about my Japan trip. For today I'll review the awesome dress I got from DevilInspired.


Devilinspired is a store based in China for Lolita, Gothic and Victorian fashion. As a lolita lovers of course I really love their website! I can found so many lolita collections with different style and color. Their prices are absolutely reasonable too.

devil-inspired-lolita review

As for the shipping, the parcel took about 10-15 days to arrive to Indonesia. I consider it as an average shipping time. Everything arrived in excellent condition and weren't damaged, packed seperately. 

DevilInspired Review-Chinese Palace Lanterns by Neverland Lolita

The product has the sizes XS, S, M, L,. If you check the size chart carefully image, you shouldn't have any problem with the sizing..


Chinese Palace Lanterns by Neverland Lolita from @devilinspiredofficial. Available in 3 colors : dark blue, apricot, red. I need one hours to choose the color hahaha because all color is look gorgeous. The pattern is my favorite and perfect for a chinese new year party


Find the Chinese Palace Lanterns by Neverland Lolita  HERE 
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These dresses have a Triangle Open on Front Sleeveless. You can coordinated it with some white lace shirt and black lace wedges, it really matures and refines the look.

devilinspired lolita review

For the quality is perfect and I have nothing to complain. The material is super nice and soft. Overall, I choose the "Chinese Palace Lanterns" because I've boring with a fairy kei or sweet style. Sometimes I want to look mature and elegant and I think these Chinese Palace Lanterns is really perfect.

DevilInspired Review-Chinese Palace Lanterns by Neverland Lolita

If you are a Japanese fashion lovers, You must trying some lolita and I really recommend DevilInspired website. The webiste is easy to use and their customer service, they were really nice and replied as fast as possible.

devilinspired website review

Visit their website to check more beautiful lolita collection: www.devilinspired.com Get 10% off for first order.. code: Dl10OFF

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