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If you are a company/product/ store looking for a project, I would love to collaborate with you. I can incorporate it into a loving lately post with special mention to your business. There is so many options of what we can do and I would love to do something with others. I can't collaborate with everyone though, and will accept those who have products I'm believe, similar theme and if it's does suit in my blog or audience - so we can each give each other more profit.

Note: I do not introduce websites before receiving the items. In other words, I would introduce/ promote your website only if the items reach me safely. There have been numerous occasions where the items didn't reach me and I ended up promoting the website at my loss.

 Brand outlet or store
 Beauty and Fashion blog
 Media Person
 Art Person
 Photographer or related field
 Product penetration in the market

Contact me at this email for more info 
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