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We take Cash/Money for placement of banners or for any collaboration. We also accept credits and freebies from websites. Please contact only if you offer to include the shipping charges + credits with your offer. Position of Banners could change if there is no collaboration for more than a month and would be removed if the time exceeds 30 days.  I don't put the banner of FREE on my blog!

If you are a company/product/ store looking for a project, I would love to collaborate with you. I can incorporate it into a loving lately post with special mention to your business. There is so many options of what we can do and I would love to do something with others. I can't collaborate with everyone though, and will accept those who have products I'm believe, similar theme and if it's does suit in my blog or audience - so we can each give each other more profit.

Note: I do not introduce websites before receiving the items. In other words, I would introduce/ promote your website only if the items reach me safely. There have been numerous occasions where the items didn't reach me and I ended up promoting the website at my loss.

You can sponsor or be partner as a :
 Brand outlet or store
 Beauty and Fashion blog
 Media Person
 Art Person
 Photographer or related field
 Product penetration in the market

Contact me at this email for more info 
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