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Witch's Pouch Get It Easy Dual Brow Pencilcara #1 Rich Brown Review

The only makeup product I have to have, is the eyebrow pencil. My eyebrows are so scarce, so for me, it’s the most important beauty item. I know that many people are using powders, but I’ve just never really used it . I’ve tried it a few times with a matte dark brown eyeshadow and an eyebrow brush. I just didn’t found it very practical compared to my pencils.

Witch's Pouch Get It Easy Dual Brow Pencilcara is one of my discoveries I received in http://id.althea.kr previously. I didn’t know the brand Witch’s Pouch before, but it is a Korean brand and the appearance of the product which I received convinced me to like the brand directly. While using it, my first impression even grew stronger and I can assure you, that this is a very nice eyebrow pencil and worth a try . This eyebrow pencil is perfect for beginners who are still learning makeup. I got it in the shade Rich Brown which one suitable for coloured hair.

Witch's Pouch / Get It Easy Dual Brow Pencilcara
 2 IN 1 Brow mascara + pencil
 Multi Dual Eyebrow
 2 IN 1 Brow mascara+pencil multi dual eyebrow
 It can be used without technique
 You can match eyebrow color with hair
 Perfect eye brow makeup
 It has resistant to water and sweat
 Do your eyebrow makeup smartly and easily

Available in 2 colors :
#01 Rich Brown / #02 Natural Brown

There's a mascara at the other end of the pencil, too. And it's actually useful, at least for me. No need to pick up a separate eye brow mascara just for blending.

 Dual type new eye brow pencilcara has smart multi-makeup product. 
 Auto type brow pencil helps look your brow without any emptiness, quick and easy brow make up. 
 Brow holding gel mascara matches your hair color perfect,
 fixes and lasts your brow all day long with great waterproof effect.

[Auto triangle pencil]
 Well-defined eye brow with triangle shaped pencil
 Looking natural like transplantation of fake eyebrow with the sharp part of auto triangle shaped pencil
 Filling in spare parts of your brow with the wide part of auto triangle shaped pencil
 minimizing any stimulation of your week skin around eyes with soft and light touching gel texture

[Waterproof Brow mascara]
 Delicate eyebrow make up looking abundant and three-dimensional
 Strong waterproof effect with long lasting
 Soft gel type texture with light feeling without sticky

Apply shape of your eyebrow and fill with spare of it with pencil, using brow holding gel brush mascara fix and colouring.

1 STEP。 
PhotobucketMake it natural by using brow mascara
Trendy eyebrow that is matched with your hair color
2 STEP。 
Photobucket Fill it by using brow pencil 

How I do my brows with the product :

It is shaped like a triangle which makes it look more natural when drawn. The pigment is not very dark but its build able. So if you want full dark brows you just need to build it up. When drawing the pencil was really smooth no small chucks of product came out when drawing. It is also a twist-up eyebrow pencil which makes it really easy to control the amount of product you want to use . One end of the is the product, the other end is the eyebrow mascara. Very travel friendly

I use this on the whole day and it didnt smudge or fade. I sweat here and there throughout the day in Indonesia's humid weather and …amazing! .. It didn't fade and smudge . I must said these Eyebrow it's really... really … waterproof!

The pigmentation of these pencils is just right for me. I don't like using super pigmented brow pencils! It's easier for me to build up color than to erase when too much is applied. With these, I can spend just two minutes on my brows and go.

You can finish your eyebrow makeup perfectly by filling it with pencil
Disadvantages of Pencil :
Photobucket Well-erased eyebrow makeup
Photobucket Countrified eyebrow that is not matched with hair color

Disadvantages of mascara :
PhotobucketHave difficulty in adjusting amount

Price Witch's Pouch Get It Easy Dual Brow Pencilcara:
IDR 125.000,-

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