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Miharu Julie Pink Box Giveaway

THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN INTERNATIONALLY. So i hope everyone can join  but remember you must be one of my follower to join.

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image END: 13 May 2016 image

Hello my lovely readers . Now, I'm back with giveaway again. I honestly cannot put into words how thankful I am that I have reached 2000 followers already. When I started blogging in 2009, and when I subsequently concenctrated on beauty blogging in 2010, I never really thought I'd ever come to this day. When I started Miharu Julie Blog, I was already so happy when I got my first 10,000 views and 100 followers . I met every little milestone with extreme excitement and enthusiasm. And I can't really believe that after celebrating many little milestones that I've already made a much bigger one. 

This time I make a giveaway to honor and celebrating my loyal readers (to spread a little love your way). I will be giving beauty makeup and skincare to one lucky reader. Hope you love this giveaway as much as I do.

Blogging is not easy, I will admit. It's something that takes so much effort, so much time, so much love. It's a continuous self-improvement process. When I started blogging, my photos and formats were so horrible, and while they're still not the bestest best today, at least they're no longer like before. It's also a constant test of motivation. No one will really follow up on you to make that post or take that photo, it's up to you to do it. Blogging has already been a significant part of my life, which is why I celebrate milestones like this. 
Anyways, let's get started with the giveaways!

What will you get :
One lucky winner gets to win:
1. Etude House Every Month Cleansing Cream Soft and Moist
2. Nivea White Oil Control Make Up Clear Foam
3. L'OCITANE Reine Blanche -  Whitening Sleeping Pack and Whitening Serum
4. Primera Sprout Energy Skincare Gift Set
5. The History of Whoo Sample Kit
6. Lactacyd White Intimate - Whitening
7. Hadalabo Perfect x Simple
8. Eyelid Sticker
9. Innisfree Sample Kit Orchid Enriched Essence and Orchid Enriched Cream
10. Fresh Cherry Tint - Etude House

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Giveaway Rules
1. Follow me on Google Plus ( publicly ) and Instagram. ( Both platform, please )
I'll follow back all participant blog on Google Plus.
2. All other entries are 'bonus'
3. Put the Giveaway Banner on SIDEBAR BLOG  if you've blog
4. Failing to follow on Google Plus and Instagram = disqualified
5. ONE TWEET/ FB Share  Tag: @MiharuJulie ( on Twitter ) and Miharu Julie Blog ( FB )

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Winners :
 The winners will be announced via email and on @MiharuJulie Twitter.
 If winner doesn't respond within 2 day, a new winner will be selected at random.

Good luck ladies. Thank you for always support my blog and reading my post even though it's boring .  I hope everyone can join this giveaway. And Good Luck . Byeee byeee~


  1. Absolutely stunning! Hope you can also check out my latest post. xx

    Style For Mankind

  2. Great Giveaway! Good Luck <3

  3. Great giveaway, I'm taking part of it!
    here's my G+ account! http://bit.ly/20Zj9jK

    lu | Coco&Louis

  4. Amazing giveaway! Thanks for sharing!!
    Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  5. What a great giveaway.

  6. done! i hope i canbe the lucky one


  7. Hi girl!! Great post!! I following you now with GFC..follow me back, please?
    Have a great weekend! Kisses


  8. Sure, I'm following you on GFC. Also amazing giveaway :)

  9. great products, great post!
    kisses Gina

    new post

  10. Good Luck to everyboday!

  11. Awesome products and giveaway! Sweet!!!


  12. Thank you for stopping by on my blog

  13. love the unique layout of your blog thanks for stopping by my blog
    I've followed you and cant wait to see more of your post.


  14. Done!^^
    wish me luck!


  15. Hello :)
    Thank you for this giveway! I hope to win >w<

    And thank you for your comment on my blog :D
    I already follow you ;)

    Have a nice day :)

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  17. Done miharu julie 😚😚
    wish me luck

  18. Finish ❤
    Really wish me luck

  19. Belum di umumin ya pemenangnya 😅😅
    Gak sabaar 😂😂

  20. Aku telat ikutan, baru tau soal ini hari ini T___T semoga nanti ada giveaway lagi >___<

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