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Cathy Doll Shocking Black Liner Review

Cathy Doll Shocking Black Liner Review

Because I've been trying to lessen the makeup that I wear when I go out or attend events, the only thing that I want to focus right now are my eyes. In search to find a perfect liquid liners, I stumble upon Cathy Doll Shocking Black Liner months ago

Experlence the easiest way to make your eyes stand out! Cathy Doll introduces the Shocking Black Liner with super black formula and tank pencil with ball tip. Thank to the latter, the ink gradually flows out of the pen for a perfect result. The ultra thin 0.5 mm marker tip contours your eyes without scratching, tugging or skipping. The rich, luminous effect last all day long and guaratees a dramatic, intense color. It also easy to remove it using cleansing products, although the liner comes with a waterproof formula.

 Shocking Black
 Fast dry
 Easy to use pen
 Long lasting

Cathy Doll Shocking Black Liner Review

Volume: 0.5g
Ingredients: Water, Acrylates Copolymer, Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol
Made in: Korea

Cathy Doll Shocking Black Liner Review

How to Use:
 Start from the inner corner of your upper eyes and flare outward.
 The 0.5 mm liner tip helps you design sharp lines and models. Get creative and start drawing anything from thin lines to thicker ones

Cathy Doll Shocking Black Liner Review

I've been using this product almost everyday, during events and hangout. The applicator is fantastic because the brush tip has the right amount of flexibility so you can draw a line with ease. The shape of the tip is sharp and thin so you can draw a very thin line or a thick line. It dries to a matte finish. The pigment is strong and Staying power is good! I’ve worn it with and without eye primer, but its holds nicely in both situations

Cathy Doll Shocking Black Liner Review

Pros :21: :
Photobucket Nice packaging
Photobucket Easy to use
Photobucket Fast dry
Photobucket Waterproof (too hard to remove)
Photobucket No need to sharpen too
Photobucket It's pigmented
Photobucket I can control the intensity of the lines that I'm doing on my eyelids.

Cons :22: :
Photobucket -

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  1. omg is so cute!!!
    i want it ♥ it's waterproof so, i need it haha ♥

    Blog: http://goo.gl/kGHL2P

  2. Juste dessiner le regard... Bravo !
    Je suis désolée en ce moment je n'ai pas beaucoup de temps et je délaisse un peu mon ordinateur... J'espère revenir plus régulièrement très bientôt.

    Gros bisous ❀♡❀

  3. That illustration is so cute ♥ I also love this eyeliner. Looks amazing! ♡

    ♡ {Banggood wishlist} ♡

  4. Your eyes look lovely! It's so cool that you didn't find any cons on it :)

    Walking Freckle

  5. i love your makeup look ♡

  6. Beneran deh ngiler kepingin cobain eyeliner cathy doll, kayanya aku hrs dan mulai suka eyeliner bentuk spidol soalny kayanyanlebih gampang di aplikasikan kak.... Mungkin ada rekom. Eyeliner spidol yg under 100k and good quality hihi

  7. Wow bagus banget dan beneran pengen nyobain kak. Pesannya gimana ka?


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