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Bobbi Brown Lip Color Rouge à Lèvres - Sandwash Pink 22 Review

Bobbi Brown Lip Color Rouge a Levres Sandwash Pink 22 Review
Description Bobbi Brown Lip Color Rouge à Lèvres - Sandwash Pink 22 
The nondrying formula offers full-color coverage and comfortable, long-lasting wear.

Who it's for: The woman who wants a creamy, semi-matte lipstick.

Bobbi's tips: Always keep your lip color within the natural lines of your lips. Line lips with a pencil after applying lip color to keep lipstick from feathering and to create natural-looking definition. Blotting lipstick with your fingers presses color into the lips and creates a stain that will last. Use a lip brush to apply darker and brighter shades, which require precise application. For a simple way to extend your lip wardrobe, apply a swipe of bright lip color on bare lips followed by a lip balm for a pretty, sheer tint.
0.12 oz.

Bobbi Brown Lip Color Rouge a Levres Sandwash Pink 22 Review

I get this colour in Sandwash Pink. It's a beautiful and natural colour for my every day look, I use it quite often. I found it to be very moisturizing and soft on my lips. Easy to apply. Sandwash Pink is a very nice, natural pink that is blue-based with a hint of brown/beige tones, with a creamy matte finish. This is excellent for fair skin because it can function as a nude lipstick without making you look gaunt or have that dreaded "corpse lips" appearance.

Bobbi Brown Lip Color Rouge à Lèvres - Sandwash Pink 22 Review

This is a creamy, semi-matte lipstick that covers my lips with rich, full coverage. It's beautiful worn alone or layered with a gloss. This is a non-drying formula that provides rich, full-color coverage. I apply it straight from the tube on my bare lips. I follow the natural line of my mouth, evenly covering the upper and lower lip.

Bobbi Brown Lip Color Rouge a Levres Sandwash Pink 22 Review

Packaging Bobbi Brown Lip Color Rouge à Lèvres - Sandwash Pink:
The packaging it looks so elegant and classy. It comes in a sleek heavy plastic case with a golden stripe in the middle and Bobbi Brown written on it.

Bobbi Brown Lip Color Rouge à Lèvres - Sandwash Pink 22 Review

How to use :
Apply straight from the tube on clean, bare lips. Follow the natural line of your mouth, evenly covering the upper and lower lip.

Bobbi Brown Lip Color Rouge à Lèvres - Sandwash Pink 22

I've been searching for the perfect pink nude lipstick for my skin tone. This lipstick is very pretty. It actually matches the colors of my lips when applied. There is nothing wrong with it. The texture is great; the color is lovely. This lipstick is a little too pink for that. I'm keeping it for the days when I have little or no eye make up on. I think it all depends on what you are looking for and what you consider to be a pink nude lipstick.

I use Bobbi Brown Lip Color Rouge à Lèvres with Tony Moly Lip Tint on this photo

Pros :21::
Photobucket Beautiful color
Photobucket Long lasting
Photobucket Feels comfortable on lips
Photobucket Have a elegant packaging
Photobucket Texture is smooth and creamy
Photobucket Moisturizing
Photobucket Great, dense pigmentation.

Cons :22::
Photobucket Overpriced. I understand that it's a luxury product, and that its price reflects that, but you can find many lipsticks that are similar for much less.
Photobucket The smell. I really wish they would either make it odourless, or at least scent it with something pleasant like vanilla..  (it isn't obnoxious and it's undetectable for the most part.. but this definitely does have a scent which I'm don't like it

Overall, I am glad to find that Sandwash Pink does show up on my lips and the formula wears very well, it is non-drying with good coverage, makes my lips look naturally polished and it feels comfortable with decent staying power.


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