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Biore 2 in 1 Cleansing Wash

Description Photobucket :
Kao Biore Make-up Cleansing Wash is works as a milky type make-up remover and also as regular facial cleanser!!!
This Biore Make-up Cleansing Wash can create lather easily and speedily, which can emboss make-up as well as the impurities that are stuck in the pores.
Since it is milky type, those water-resistant make-up bases, foundation, and even the sun block can be cleansed at once.
This cleansing wash contains moisturizing ingredient which does not give any stiff skin texture after wash,

4.08 fl oz. (120ml)

Safety / Caution PhotobucketPhotobucket :
1. Do not apply to damaged, broke, or inflamed areas of the skin.
2. Not eatable, and drinkable
3. Discontinue using if itching, redness, or sensitivity occurs.
4. If the product contacts the eyes, do not rub; rinse with clean water immediately.
5. The product should be handled with clean hands.
6. Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and high humidity, and keep out of the reach of children.

When you add a little water, will turn a little bubbly. I did was massage it lightly and waited until I felt all makeup started to disappear.

How to use Photobucket :
1. Wash your hands before you cleanse your face to eliminate all traces of bacteria and dirt.
2. Apply 1 or 2 pumps into palms. Add a small amount of water to create lather. Apply to face gently.
3. Cleanse from the neck area up to the hairline area in a gentle circular motion.
4. Wash thoroughly with water/lukewarm water.

( Foundation, Eyeliner, Eyebrown, Mascara, Lipstic, Lipgloss, eyeshadow )

Pros :21: :
Photobucket Available in supermarket my country.
Photobucket Cheap.

Cons :22: :
Photobucket Little dry on my skin.

Price : Rp. 33.500,00 ( 120ml )


  1. Super cute review!
    And so creative c:
    I think it does do
    his work well!


    1. Thanks (з˘⌣˘ε)
      Yeah his work well xD want to try this product? :ρ

  2. this!! pas liat di carefour pengen bngt beli~~ XO
    laen kali beli ah~ >w<

    1. Oo hahah lain kalli beli aja lol lumayan kok
      Bersih banget makeupnya (^▽^人 )

  3. thanks for sharing ><
    very cheap

    1. Welcome ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ "̮
      Yeah lumayan lah harganya :D

  4. I also own this one and find it very essential, cheap also!
    And yes, I also mention on my review that it makes my skin very dry :/

    1. Murah untuk kantong mahasiswa (˛•̃•̃)/\(•̃•̃¸) :ρ
      Me too ( ‾̣̣̣﹏‾̣̣̣ )

  5. I like this loads! I am in need of an effective make up remover! Thanks for sharing this product! :DD

  6. Ooo :) ί like too xD
    Welcome (з˘⌣˘ε)

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