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Things To Do in Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum - Japan Travel Guide

Fuji Five Lakes Travel Lake Kawaguchiko - Japan Guide

Mostly tourist come to Kawaguchiko for see the best views of Mount Fuji in Japan. One of my favorite place to see Mount Fuji is in Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum. "Forest of Lake Kawaguchiko Music Box" is paradise of music and flowers where Mt. Fuji of the magnificent view spreads in front of you. It is a theme park of music that you can enjoy plentifully all day, including museums, rose gardens, restaurants & cafés, live concerts and entertainment shows, shopping, as well as precious music boxes and automatic performance instruments globally. Please drop in when you come to Kawaguchiko.

Kawaguchiko Music Forest

Kawaguchiko Music Forest Opening Hours
9:00 to 17:30 (admission ends at 17:00)

Kawaguchiko Music Forest Entrance Fee
1500 yen

Kawaguchiko Music Forest Mount Fuji Japan Travel Guide

The Kawaguchiko Music Forest (河口湖オルゴールの森, Kawaguchiko Orgel no Mori) is a small theme park and museum devoted to automatic musical instruments. Its main hall displays antique music boxes, mechanical organs and other automatic musical instruments mostly from European countries.

Fuji Five Lakes Travel Kawaguchiko Music Forest - Japan Guide

The largest of them is a French fairground organ from 1905 which takes up an entire hall and plays every 30 minutes. The main building also houses a concert hall where classical musicians from around the world perform.

Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum

Things To do in Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum:
1. Enjoy the Event : Organ Hall Performances and Events
The Unique Performances of the Dance Hall Organ Orchestra and Sand Art Storytelling with Live Music.

Performance Times:
9:10-9:20: Regular Dance Organ Concert
10:05-10:20: Organ Demonstration Tour
11:00-11:30: Sand Art and Live Music Performance
12:10-12:20: Regular Dance Organ Concert
13:00-13:30: Sand Art and Live Music Performance
14:20-14:35: Organ Demonstration Tour
15:10-15:40: Sand Art and Live Music Performance
16:20-16:30: Regular Dance Organ Concert
17:05-17:20: Organ Demonstration Tour

kawaguchiko music forest blog

Automatic Musical Instruments and Automata Salon Demonstrations
Enjoy the Sounds and Beauty of Various Automatic Instruments and Automata Pieces from Around the World.
Demonstration times:
10:05-10:25: First and Second Floor Joint Demonstrations
11:20-11:40: First and Second Floor Joint Demonstrations
13:20-13:40: First and Second Floor Joint Demonstrations
14:15-14:35: First and Second Floor Joint Demonstrations
15:20-15:40: First and Second Floor Joint Demonstrations
16:15-16:30: First and Second Floor Joint Demonstrations

One Day Trip to Kawaguchiko from Tokyo

Main Hall Performances and Events
The One of a Kind Performances of Automated Instruments and Live Opera Singers.

The Main Hall in the History Hall building stages demonstration concerts of various automatic musical instruments. Also staged here are one of a kind, world-class collaborative performance of grand automatic instruments with live opera singers. There are also other seasonally themed performances.

Performance Times
9:30-9:50: Regular Concert
10:30-10:50: Regular Concert
11:50-12:10: Performance of Automatic Instruments with Opera Singer
12:35-12:55: Regular Concert
13:50-14:10: Performance of Automatic Instruments with Opera Singer
14:40-15:00: Performance of Automatic Instruments with Opera Singer
15:50-16:10: Regular Concert
16:35-16:55: Regular Concert

kawaguchiko music forest review

2. Take Photos in Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum Garden
The park outside encloses European style gardens with good views of Mount Fuji across the lake. Walking paths lead among the garden's manicured lawns and winding canal, connecting the museums's restaurant, shops, chapel and rose garden to one another. The Music Forest is run by the Ukai Group, which also operates the Glass Forest, a Venetian glass museum in Hakone.

kawaguchiko music forest opening hours

3. Visit the Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum
There have 3 part in Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum. 
- Main Hall ( Home of the Grand Automatic Instruments, and Unique Performances )
"The majestic Main Hall is located on the second floor of the History Hall building. The large performance hall stages grand automated orchestral performances from various instruments. 

Amazing Views Of Mount Fuji An Exciting Day Trip To Kawaguchiko

- Organ Hall
The Organ Hall was designed specifically to house the world's largest “dance organ” and automated doll orchestra. The whole organ is thirteen meters wide and five meters high, with over 800 pipes and over 40 automated dolls, each with their own functioning instruments. The organ was made in Belgium in the 1920’s.

kawaguchiko music forest entrance fee

- Automatic Musical Instruments Museum and Musical Automata Salon is
Located on the first and second floors of the impressive “History Hall” building. The first floor is dedicated to automatic instruments from America, and the second floor to Automata Musical Dolls from Europe and other countries around the world.

kawaguchiko itinerary

4. Shopping
In addition to the music box shop, chocolate, accessories, local produce. There are also three restaurants and cafes. A variety of theme parks that you can enjoy watching, listening, experiencing, eating, shopping.

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kawaguchiko from tokyo

5. Rental a Dresses and Let's be a princess at music theme park 
"Kawaguchiko Music Box Forest" also have a rental dresses so you can change clothes to your favorite costumes, walk around various places in the garden, and take pictures freely. The experience time is about 90 minutes. There are lots of spots to draw in the hall! Please take a memorable moment while leaving lovely photos with backdrops like the one of Japan's leading rose garden and Mt.

Best Time to Visit Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum 
The museum’s famous rose garden, which is open to the public, blooms splendidly from May to November every year, peaking in June, especially the “old rose” type. In both the public gardens and the private gardens inside the grounds, there are around 720 varieties and 1200 stocks of roses to enjoy. Various other seasonal flowers can of course also be enjoyed.

kawaguchiko music forest restaurant

In November, the vibrant autumn colors, especially the elegant Japanese maple tree, visit the museums gardens and area, coinciding with the local Autumn Leaves Festival. From November, when The Fuji Kawaguchiko “Autumn Leaves Festival” takes place on the north shore of Lake Kawaguchiko, the museum grounds are lit up with brilliant winter light displays until the middle of January.

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Kawaguchiko Music Forest Access
The Omni Bus Red Line (Kawaguchiko Line) connects Kawaguchiko Station and the Kawaguchiko Music Forest (25 minutes). Get off at Ukai Orugoruno Mori Bijutsukan.

Tokyo to Kawaguchiko

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