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Things to Do in Lake Kawaguchiko & Chureito Pagoda

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Yes it's spring and it's the best time to start planning spring travel in Japan. One of Must-Visit Places in Japan During Spring is Lake Kawaguchiko and Chureito Pagoda to see Mt Fuji. Here are some photos and stories about the most beautiful places to see Mt. Fuji in Spring

One Day Trip to Kawaguchiko from Tokyo

Lake Kawaguchiko (河口湖) is the most easily accessible of the Fuji Five Lakes with train and direct bus connections to Tokyo. A hot spring resort town with various tourist attractions and views of Mount Fuji is located around the lake's eastern end, while the northern and western shores are mostly undeveloped.

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The best views of Mount Fuji can be enjoyed from the lake's northern shores and are particularly breathtaking during the cherry blossom season around mid April and the autumn colors around the first half of November. One of the nicest spots for cherry blossoms is the seaside promenade near the Kawaguchiko Music Forest, while photographers will enjoy the "Momiji Tunnel" for autumn colors, a maple tree covered road section along the lake's northern shore.

The Top 10 Things to Do Near Lake Kawaguchiko

6 Must Visit Spots Of Lake Kawaguchi Next To Mt. Fuji

Lake Kawaguchiko Access
Kawaguchiko Station is the terminal station of the Fujikyu Railway from Otsuki. The bus terminal for local buses and highway buses to/from Tokyo, Kofu, Gotemba and other destinations is located just in front of the station.

kawaguchiko station to lake kawaguchi

From Kawaguchiko Station, the Omni Bus lines provide tourists with local transportation around Lake Kawaguchiko and neighboring Lake Saiko: The Red Line (or Kawaguchiko Line) operates along Lake Kawaguchi's eastern and northeastern shores, while the Green Line (or Saiko Line) operates along Lake Kawaguchiko's southern shore before continuing to Lake Saiko.

Fuji Five Lakes Travel Lake Kawaguchiko - Japan Guide

The Chureito Pagoda (忠霊塔, Chūreitō) is a five storied pagoda on the mountainside overlooking Fujiyoshida City and Mount Fuji off in the distance. The pagoda is part of the Arakura Sengen Shrine and was built as a peace memorial in 1963 nearly 400 steps up the mountain from the shrine's main buildings.

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The location offers spectacular views of Mount Fuji in combination with the pagoda, especially during the cherry blossom season in mid April when there are hundreds of trees in bloom and during the autumn color season which usually takes place in the first half of November. The spot is particularly popular among photographers as it allows for some wonderfully stereotypical shots of Japan.

japan travel Guide To The Chureito Pagoda

Chureito Pagoda Access By train
Arakura Sengen Shrine is a ten minute walk from Shimo-Yoshida Station along the Fujikyu Railway Line (35 minutes, 960 yen from Otsuki or 10 minutes, 300 yen from Kawaguchiko). The pagoda is an additional five minute walk up the hill.

How to get to Chureito Pagoda from Tokyo

Chureito Pagoda Access By bus
The Mount Fuji World Heirtage Loop bus serves the Chureito Iriguchi bus stop which is a short walk from Arakura Sengen Shrine. From Kawaguchiko Station, the bus ride takes about 15 minutes, while the ride back to Kawaguchiko Station takes about 45 minutes. Buses operate every 90 minutes.

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