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8 Fashion Trends of This Year

What did fashion prepare for us in 2018? What style of clothes will remain in trend and what new trends will be added to our everyday life? New trends combine practicality and comfort. Fashion critics identified several features of the fashion of 2018. It is bright but comfortable enough. The designers decided to bet on practicality. Women’s clothes of 2018 are made of good textile with the use of functional decor: laces, decorative zippers, patch pockets, wide belts, etc. In the cold months of the year, stylists recommend dressing in a pleasant to the touch and warm knitwear. In stores, you can find knitted dresses of any length, skirts, tunics, and even suits. Also, knitting is becoming incredibly popular, but first things first.

1)      Fashionable denim
Trends of this year offer to wear shirts, trousers, sundress, and dresses made of denim. The colors are not limited, but the most popular are all shadow of blue, gray, and black. You can combine a shirt and trousers made of denim choosing the same or cardinally different colors. Comfortable denim clothes are great for a modern girl (read more here https://j4l.com/).

2)      Cozy knitwear
Knits are comfortable and practical. They are good for any occasion. That’s why the designers made an accent on them in 2018. Sweatshirts, sweaters, pullovers of large or small knit can be worn not only with jeans but also with trousers of different widths, skirts of different textures, and shorts. In the season 2018/2019, you have to buy knitted dresses and tunics. Stylists offer non-ordinary solutions due to asymmetry, length, and form of sleeves. And the highlight in such a style is its laconism.
3)      Turtlenecks and turtleneck dresses
A turtleneck or a turtleneck dress will be a very popular element of the basic wardrobe. Such clothes can help create an interesting image for every day because it is successfully combined with jackets and cardigans. Classical turtlenecks with draperies, original sleeves, and any other decor are offered to the attention of fashionable girls.

4)      Leather
Models made of leather look spectacular. In the autumn-spring season, clothing from all types of leather will be fashionable: matte, varnished, inverted. You can easily buy straight or asymmetrical skirts, jackets, pants, raincoats, and trench coats.

5)      Pants with cuffs
In the new season, a stylish and free image can be created with the help of trousers with cuffs, while the fashionable length of trousers is up to the ankle. In the spring, they can be combined with moccasins, heels with a hairpin, and sneakers. Summer trousers with cuffs will be made of light fabrics. They are quite wide, which will help to hide imperfections in the hips.

6)      Free style
Oversized clothes will also remain trendy this season. It is convenient and is actively used for creating stylish images. Stylists offer to wear such clothes not only for walks and shopping trips because there are many models of office clothing.

7)      Lace
No one is surprised that embroidery and a variety of drawings are trends of this year. However, every year there are unusual styles of clothing, which is decorated with decorative elements in the form of geometric patterns, floral motifs, animal prints, etc. The highlight of the season becomes fringe, lace, and themed patterns.

8)      Colors
The dominant colors in 2018 will be: nude shades, monochrome, yellow, purple, and the whole palette of green. In winter, designers offer to buy clothes of graphite, dark blue, chocolate, and dark red shades. In summer, you should pay attention to the clothes of neutral colors or blue, orange, pink shades.

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  1. wah lace masih ya dan denim kayaknya bakalan berjaya ya. hehe


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