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Cosplay Ranka Lee- Sayonara No Tsubasa

Macross Frontier: Sayonara no Tsubasa

Plot Summary :90: :
Picking up from where the previous movie left off, Ranka's star career flourishes while Sheryl's health rapidly deteriorates after collapsing during a live performance. At the same time, separate factions are maneuvering behind the scenes seeking to control the Vajra horde by utilizing the singing abilities of the two songstresses. As the entire Macross Frontier fleet begins to wage the final war on the Vajra, Alto finally makes a choice between Ranka and Sheryl.

To start off, the story for the Macross Frontier movies was a near masterpiece, and I say that without any need for retraction. What seems like a story about Mecha pilots fighting against unknown space aliens with awesome background music quickly becomes a multifaceted war with enough back story to correctly support the plot. It would be difficult to talk about the greatness of the story in the Macross Frontier movies without involving the distinct character input into the films. Ranka Lee evolves from a timid girl singing to the trees and wind to a driving force behind an army, or even the galaxy.
It’s important to note that Ranka’s transformation greatly affects the story because when the characters sing in the series, it signifies plot advancement in some way. Between Ranka’s innocent singing of “Aimo,” which clearly represents a song of acceptance of the Vajra and the duets with Sheryl that engross fleets and galaxies, Ranka becomes what makes the plot whole.


Photobucket Me cosplay as Ranka Lee
Photobucket photo by: Sony
Photobucket Location : Taman Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
Photobucket My handmade : Ranka Phone Ketai Kun :face4:

Ranka Lee Costume :face71: . I really love the colour

You Can Watch The Movie Here :face64: :


  1. Such pretty cosplay! Did you make the costume yourself? o:

  2. Very Pretty! ^^



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