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TROIAREUKE GPS Mask & TroiAreuke Skin Complex Formula

TroiAreuke Skin Complex Formula

Today I am reviewing 2 products from the Korean Skincare brand, Troiareuke. The package contains TroiAreuke Bio Cellulose GPS Mask and TroiAreuke Skin Complex Formula. I've been using the products since early January and have already emptied them now, so I can share my final reviews about them with all of you. MK Universal kindly sent me 3 of their products to try out again. I've review a TROIPEEL H+ CUSHION yesterday.


TroiAreuke Skin Complex Formula Claims
PhotobucketSize: 50ml
Photobucket Function: anti-oxidant, moisturizing, anti-aging effect on your skin
What's special?
You can use it as a toner right after cleansing or a mist through out a day since it's a spray type

Skin Complex Formula from MK Universal

TroiAreuke Skin Complex Formula is essentially a toner and its main function is to boost cell activity and provide a moisture shield for your face. It contains Pycnogenol which is an extract from a plant and is known to have many health benefits. 

Skin Complex FormulaTroiareuke

The bottle is made of sturdy see-through plastic. It really looks like prescribed skincare from doctors just by looking at the design. The cap is transparent and protects the spraying nozzle. When you use it it provides your face/skin with a pleasant drizzle. 

troiareuke skin solution

I used this as a toner as first step of my routine and it goes well with other products. It doesn’t make the skin look greasy at all and it is nicely moisturizing. I usually do 2 spritz, because I don't have perfect aim, before patting it into my skin for better absorption.

ReviewTroiareuke Skincare Products

Overall, I was surprised when I saw how travel-friendly and small it was and it is not heavy either. Instead of a regular tube opening or pump we have a spraying nozzle.  It can be used either as a toner before your skin care routine, or as a makeup fixer after you put it on. Also, mists are great to refresh yourself in-between!
My main skin concern is dryness, and I think this mist is a good moisture splash for in-between. I do not feel that it does any type of long-term moisturization, but it feels soothing.


TroiAreuke Bio Cellulose GPS Mask

TroiAreuke Bio Cellulose GPS Mask

Why is GPS mask the “second skin”?
It is called second skin because it is very similar to the skin cell matrix. It is also used in medical spa, hospitals for wound healing purposes. TroiAreuke is the pioneer in this concept. World’s First GPS concept, it opens the skin channel and allocates the moisture and cell protection to where the skin needs. Its “Just like Skin Navigation”

GPS mask korean

Each TROIAREUKE GPS Mask consist of the following components:
 O2 Mask Cleanser – Green Tea Extract, Lemon Extract, Orange Extract, Papaya.
 Bio Cellulose™ GPS mask- Gold extract, Allantoin, Witch Hazel extract, Squalane.
 Cell Energy Cream- Galactomyces, Bifido extract, Olive, Apricot Stone Oil, Ginseng Extract.
 Each pack comes with 5 complete sets of GPS Masks.

TroiAreuke Bio Cellulose GPS Mask review

How to apply TROIAREUKE GPS Mask and use the mask effectively

1. O2 Mask Cleanser
Apply onto the dry skin. Wait for the O2 Cleanser to work on your skin Cleansing. Bubbles will appear on skin, it will remove dead skin and deeply cleanse the skin .
Other bubble cleanser tends to be heavy but this cleanser opens up the skin channel for excellent penetration of the mask. After the O2 Cleanser process, the skin will feel very toned and refreshed but not dry.

2. GPS Mask
Highlight of the treatment. Maximum treatment time depends on skin but Minimum 15 minutes, Maximum 2 hours+ (until the mask is completely dried).

GPS allows skin allocation of the active ingredients in the masks. Sophoridine extract, Lavender oil, Tea tree oil and herbal complex gives instant calming effect to any skin type and also tremendous amount of moisture. It is especially good for calming down troubled and sensitive skin. 

3. Cell Energy Cream
After the GPS mask, it will provide protection to the moisture and also the active ingredient to work inside the cell.

TroiAreuke GPS Mask

What are the recommended application methods of GPS Mask to different skin type?
- Oily Skin – Longer Cleansing time / 20~30minutes of Mask
- Dry Skin – Longer time of Masks for providing more moisture into the deeper skin
- Combination skin – Longer Cleansing time on oily zones / 20~30 minutes of Mask

Pros :
Photobucket Perfect solution in skin recovery and skin regeneration
Photobucket Highest density 
Photobucket Non allergic, safe production
Photobucket Focused on Skin generation

Cons :
Photobucket Expensive to use
Photobucket It gets dried very fast
Photobucket Results was only for a short period of time

Where to buy Troiareuke and Troipeel products?


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  5. Packaging nya biasa aja ya, tp manfaatnya lumayan jg...Miharu Julie masih pake ini gak? 😘

  6. Yaaass this is the 6th article I very love. I has been know if the TROIARIUKE and TROIPPEEL is a good and healthy product, but honestly I never know about the benefit things from this product and after read this article... Vooilaa I can know about all that benefit ! Thank you so much Ce Julie and Good Job Ce !!

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