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ECLADO Regene Blemish Balm Korean Cosmetics Review

ECLADO Regene Blemish Balm review

It’s been some time since my last BB cream review, although BB creams are why I started blogging in the first place. There are so many to try, especially in the asian market, and The ECLADO Regene Blemish Balm is one of them. This BB cream is supposed to be a soothes damaged skin, moisturizing and covering skin imperfections. It was send to me by a best Korean cosmetics online store named W2Beauty.

Eclado Plus Collection Regene Blemish Balm SPF32 PA+++

ECLADO, which stands for éclat+doux is a compound word which means bright and soft in French that means flowering happiness.

Laon Cosmetic was founded and produced specializing skin care cosmetic for Aesthetic in 1998. We are researching the skin’s condition of customers steadily. ECLADO’s philosophy is to design a perfect skin and satisfy customers with our products that combines ingredient of medicinal herbs and bioscience.

ECLADO Regene Blemish Balm SPF32

ECLADO Regene Blemish Balm Claims
Regene Blemish Balm have a lightweight texture spreads smoothly without stickiness, covering skin imperfections. Provides sun protection and brightening effects. Event strengthens the skin barrier, soothes damaged skin and enchances skin health.

blemish balmSun Protection

How To Use
Use the Regene Blemish Balm as the last step of skincare. Apply on the face in a gentle patting action to blend the evenly throughout the whole face..

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ECLADO Regene Blemish Balm Korean Cosmetics Review

The ECLADO Regene Blemish Balm comes in a simple designed tube with a screw cap and contains 40g. It has the description in English and Korean which is great. The tube is not huge, is rather small and has a good travel size though.

w2beauty-ECLADO Regene Blemish Balm

The BB cream is slightly creamier, smooth and spreads over the skin super easily. It has a good coverage and feels calming on red spots and pimples and doesn’t sting or anything also it gives you a semi-matte finish which I like.

ECLADO Regene Blemish Balm

Upon application, it brightens up the skin and has a mostly semi-matte finish (perhaps a slight tinge of dewiness around the cheekbones and at certain angles). I’d give the coverage a medium rating for about 6.9/10 (still requires undereye concealer), and I also need to apply 2 layers on areas where there were subsiding acne blemishes

W2Beauty-Best korean cosmetics online shop

It’s pretty lightweight and doesn’t weigh down on the skin much. In terms of wear time – it lasts a decent 5-6 hours, but will slowly disappear, especially around the corners of the nose as well as the chin.

review Eclado korean cosmetics

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  1. amazing... baru denger merek ini :)

  2. seriously, baru dengar merek-merek ini beserta khasiatnya.

    Fb. Joanna Siallagan
    Ig. @ysiallagan

  3. Ka kalo bb cream ini bisa cover pori2 gede ga

  4. Yaampun...i wanna BB cream Eclado, btw ini kalo sm etude house bb cream bgs mna Miharu?

  5. wah bagus nih, tampak natural hasilnya juga..

  6. Yaampun ini Bb cream rekomendasi banget kak bagus banget deh

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