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KICHO Sheep Oil Cream Review

KICHO Sheep Oil Cream

I've previously reviewed the Kicho Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream, so I was super excited to give their Sheep Oil Cream a try! But before the animal lovers will scream and run I can assure you that no animal have been harmed for the production of this cream. I was really thrilled to receive it by BNTnews this month, so let’s get right into the review:

KICHO Sheep Oil Cream-Review

KICHO Sheep Oil Cream Description
 The cream is made from pure lanolin only from New Zealand lamb wools purified with German technology.
 Lanolin combined with multi-vitamins from eight types of berries provide comprehensive care for the skin: moisturizing, whitening and anti-oxidizing.
 Soothes irritation, provides moisture, corrects tone and firms skin.
 No artificial fragrance, paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, heavy metal contents, steroid, formaldehyde or chemical preservatives.
 Natural preservative totarol included in the cream neutralizes the free oxygen radicals to keep the skin healthy and young. 

KICHO Sheep Oil Cream Review

The cardboard box is not only pretty from the outside, but even inside the box the beauty continues. Kicho Sheep Oil Cream comes in a sturdy glass bottle of 65ml/ 2,11 fl oz with a metallic vintage lid. It looks elegant and feminine on the same time with a beautiful flower printing

kicho sheep oil cream ingredients

Apply morning, evening, or both as final step in skincare regimen.
kicho moisturizer

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sheep oil benefits

Texture and Scent
The texture of of Kicho Sheep Oil Cream is creamy and rich. The cream itself is a light, off-white (almost yellow) color. Kind of like custard. This cream has a mild, fruity scent that isn't overpowering

KICHO Sheep Oil Cream Review+swatch

Overall, the cream is great for dry skin people yet the formulation has no excessive oil or makes face oily. It is great for dry skin where it would transform dull skin to glow dewy healthy skin without feeling greasy. The cream soothe my skin and prevent it from moisture loss which is great since I use it at night as a night cream. According to research, lanolin is superior to petrolatum reducing dryness, scaling, cracks, roughness, abrasions, pain and itch.  

This product was provided to me by BNTnews for reviewing but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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  1. I absolutely love it! Great review! xx
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  2. Great review! Hope to hear from you soon!

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  3. Sheep oil lol I thought its really made from sheep or something hehehe. I wanna try it!

  4. Setelah bingung liat postingan ka julie di intagram itu tuh apa hahahahah ternyata ini skin care buat y wajahnya kering gt yah ...

  5. Setelah bingung liat postingan ka julie di intagram itu tuh apa hahahahah ternyata ini skin care buat y wajahnya kering gt yah ...

  6. ini tutup packaging nya mirip banget sama Guerisson andddddd krim nya teksur nya juga mirip sama Guerisson.. warna nya juga XD

  7. Kak ini bisa buat kulit aku yg kombinasi ga kak, smooth bgt kayanya kak

  8. Masih dr kicho ya, floral2 gt cantikk yaa...kaya Miharu julie cantikkk #eeaaa


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