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Color Plant Brush Kit KICHO Cosmetics review

KICHO Color Plant Brush Kit

So, do you uses make-up brushes? When I first go into makeup, I didn't, I thought they were stupid. I was also woefully inept at all things makeup. I have since come to appreciate a good brush. My eyes look better with properly applied eye shadow, beautifully rimmed with creme eyeliner. My eyebrows are even straighter, and more dramatic. Today I want to introduce one of my fav brusher from KICHO Cosmetics. Thanks to BNTnews to let me trying this products

Color Plant Brush Kit review

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kicho brush

KICHO Powder Brush ( 36 mm x 160mm )
A rounded brush that evenly applies all types of powders for a flawless finish. Apply loose, pressed, blush, bronzer, and mineral powders with this natural brush and get smooth. event coverage every time.

KICHO  Concealer Brush ( 12mm x160mm )
A thin, round-tipped brush for precise application of perfecting concealers, even in the creases of dark circles.

KICHO Eyeliner Brush (6mm x 160mm)
A slim, finely tapered brush with firm bristles for flawless and precise lining of the eyes.

KICHO Color Plant Brush Kit review

KICHO Shadow Brush ( 13mm x 160mm )
An all-around eye shadow brush for applying and blending color. It’s the perfect eye brush for creating full-on, makeup pro shadow looks.

KICHO Smudge Brush (6mm x 160 mm)
A flat-headed brush with tight, short bristles for applying dark powder and cream eye shadows and eye pencils. An eye brush ideal for smudging.

kicho cosmetics review

Tip : 
Strongly pressing brushes during brush cleansing deforms and damages brush bristles rather than boosting cleansing effects, resulting in the shortening of a brush life.
*For drying, make sure to lay the brush down or upside down with the brush bristles facing downward. Do not have it standing in order to prevent deformation or damage.

kicho cosmetics

I love this powder brush. The bristles are super soft and very gentle on your skin. I use it to apply my setting powder over foundation and it works really well. I am a little sad that the bristles are white, as it's hard to keep them looking clean and new. This is also one of the reasons why I only use it to apply my setting powder and not as a blusher or bronzer brush.

kicho products review

The handle is one of the many things I really like about this brush as it gives it a very professional and clean appearance. The synthetic bristles are not itchy on the skin like a lot of other cheaper skin care brands.

Color Plant Brush Kit KICHO Cosmetics review

My thoughts with these KICHO BRUSH ( korean makeup brush set )
 They are the perfect amount of brushes for daily life and for travel, all providing a very soft and smooth application while also being a convenient travel size!
 The price is relative with the quality you get from the brush.
 They make my make-up glide so easily.
 I really have a good time every time I use this. I always look forward to using these Kicho brushes.

This product was provided to me by BNTnews for reviewing but as always, my reviews are honest and based on my own opinions and experience.

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  1. wow beautiful brushes:)


  2. Wow it loos amazing. I love it :)
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  3. Lucu brushnya.. Btw aku udh follow kk yaa salam kenal & nice to meet you ^^


  4. Lagi butuh bgt Smudge bush kaya gini ,kira2 bisa beli satuan gak yah ka julie?

  5. Lagi butuh bgt Smudge bush kaya gini ,kira2 bisa beli satuan gak yah ka julie?

  6. I need concealer brush and smudge brush like this 😢😀

  7. Seriuss ka lucu bgt dih warna nya.. Putih,nge blend pasti ni kuas di wajah

  8. Brush dr Korea ya, warnanya putih..coba ada pink2nya gt biar keliatan kalem, lucu deh pasti..tp pastinya bagus ini brush...

  9. Im interest to read this article is by the pict from the brush. The brush is so very eyecathcing, for me they looks like a marshmallow 😆 And after finish reading this article I know they not just have a cute look, but the brush is also have good quality. Perfect 👏💞

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