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Cosrx Make Me Lovely Cushion Review

Cosrx Make Me Lovely Cushion Review

Cosrx Make Me Lovely Cushion is the one of product I got from Stylekorean, I’m so excited to review, because of it's reputation. Cosrx is famous for their skin care product with AHA, BHA elements. Some of the items really good especially AHA Whitehead Power Liquid

Cosrx Make Me Lovely Cushion

Covers blemishes and dullness perfectly for tone up effect. Gives clean and natural fit for bright looking skin. Skin fitting powder gives fit long lasting make up. Strong UV protection for skin under hot sun. (SPF50+ PA+++

COSRX cushion

Cosrx Make Me Lovely Cushion SPF50

Active Ingredients
Cyclopentasiloxane, Glycerine, Adenosine, Pure Water, Zinc oxid, Butylene Glycol, Sodium chloride, Salicylic acid.

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Make Me Lovely Cushion Cosrx Review

The packaging is cute. Like all the cushion foundations/bb/cc creams the product comes in a compact shape, like regular powders do. You can flip open the lid and you will find a sponge applicator and a mirror inside. The product is stored in a container inside the compact, which is sealed by a plastic lid. 

make me lovely cushion review

It's smells Lavander (hope my smelling scene work fine xD). It basically not much of fragrance smell. So it's a bonus, because I really doesn't like things that smell artificial fragrance strong.

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best cushion foundation

The puff is super soft too. The usual cushion puff has a navy blue underside, but this one's peach.

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cosrx make me lovely cushion ingredients

Suggest Use
Cushion technology offers two types of application with two different results: 
-For swiping application: apply the formula with a swiping motion for an overall unifying corrective effect. 
-For tap, tap application: localize the areas with more severe discolorations around the nose, the chin, cheeks, and forehead. Apply with a tapping motion to build up higher coverage.

COSRX cushion swatch and review

I really suprised about this cushion is that while it was thick when you press it out of the sponge but it turned out to be very lightweight when I started spreading it on my face. It also comes out very light, but once I started blending, it started to match my skin tone more and more. You can build up the coverage, but I think one layer does a good enough job.

cosrx skincare

Upon application, it has a cooling effect which is always a plus for me. There isn't much coverage, but it is rather buildable, although if you try and put on another layer, you might end up caking your face. It brightens up the face and actually evened out my skintone

cosrx review

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  1. One layer is perfect because it keeps the skin looking so natural. :D


  2. the packaging is so cute, and it looks very natural on your skin <3


  3. What a great coverage


  4. Pas lagi hujan gini gak bisa keluar rumah, cm ada hape..baca blog Miharu julie cocok..liat makeup yg cute2 gini...udh seneng rasanya..😁😁😁

  5. duh manis banget keliatan nya packagingan nya hehe

  6. warna bedaknya tuh sam akaya warna kulit, jadi terlihat natural aja


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