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April Skin Magic Snow Sun Cushion Review

April Skin Magic Snow Sun Cushion

As a cushion fanatic, I'm really excited when I found out April Skin came out with it's own sun cushion! There's nothing NOT to love about sun cushion. Ever since they came onto the beauty scene, my traditional liquid sun screen have been set aside for special occasions when I really need something heavy-duty.

April Skin Magic Snow Sun Cushion SPF50+PA

April Skin Magic Snow Sun Cushion review

Ultra-lightweight Sun Cream - 100% mineral based physically reflect UV rays. Its whitening properties has been minimized in Magic Snow Sun products so it does not leave any whitening marks. And it is very moisturizing yet, non-greasy

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Review April Skin Magic Snow Cushion

I fell in love hard with this packaging, I can’t lie. It’s my favorite shade of pink, with some artistic strokes of color thrown in. It’s so artsy looking, I feel special every time I use it! It's a sun screen in cushion form, so it's great for travel or for taking with you for touch-ups.

april skin magic snow sun cream

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April Skin Magic Snow Sun Cushion SPF50

When you buy the whole cushion, you also get a puff applicator for applying the sun cushion. I like April Skin applicator puffs a lot because they're firm and not too porous, which means they're easy to wash and apply foundation evenly

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Magic Snow Sun Cushion

The texture feels fairly thick at first, and for the first few dabs on the face, it's still very white. However, as you diligently pat and blend, it seems to thin out a little and become transparent in colour. There's a noticeable whitening/brightening effect, so this may be a problem for very tanned or deep skin tones

April Skin Magic Snow Cream

Overall, I think if you're looking for a high SPF sunscreen that you can reapply throughout the day and on top of makeup, this might just be what you're looking for, especially if you, for whatever reason, don't want to use a spray (eg they can be high in alcohols). Essentially, it's just a sunscreen in a cushion, and I think it's the cushion that's what makes it good - the method of application makes sure that makeup underneath doesn't smear around and it's convenient and portable.

april skin cushion review

Photobucket Block UV rays
Photobucket Skin Brightening
Photobucket Anti-wrinkle effects
Photobucket Creamy texture is applied smoothly on skin
Photobucket Instant cooling effect
Photobucket Quick absorbing and refreshing
Photobucket  Easily portable
Photobucket  Natural radiant complexion without whitening trace or oiliness
Photobucket  Does not create cakeyness when applied on top of make-up
Photobucket Anti-microbial puff keeps hygienic by preventing bacterial spread

Photobucket I don't have any problem with april skin products.

april skin sun cushion review

The April Skin Magic Snow Sun Cushion available in one shade and you can pick it up here (or it's available here on stylekorean.com should that be your preference!).

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  1. Love this product! Seems a very good brand!
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  7. the packaging of this cushion is adorable! Thanks for the review!

  8. bungkusannya juara banget aaaaak

  9. Very pretty packaging. Enjoy.


  10. Lovely review. This packaging is adorable :)

  11. Sempurnaaaaaa cushion April skin...packagingnya aduhai banget..duh..overall Miharu Julie suka..fix..smg aku bisa punya kaya gt..amiennn...


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