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Hair Tutorial with Vodana Glam Wave Curling Iron

Hair Tutorial with Vodana Glam Wave Curling Iron

Hello there . How is your weekend going? Me is busy as always with my new  job as producer and after work I spending more time with my boyfriend Kim Woo Bin LOL!~ just kidding... I mean watching "Uncontrollably Fond and W Two World hahahaha.. I cried during an overnight when watching "Uncontrollably Fond" How dare the producer make my bf have a tumour huh.. You will find my dark darkkkkk circle in these video..

Today I’ve decided to make curls hair tutorial with Vodana Glam wave Curling Iron. I got these from CHARIS. For someone like me who rare using curling irons. I wanted an iron that I could use quickly in the mornings and this one works quite well for me

Hair Tutorial with Vodana Glam Wave Curling Iron

The Vodana Glam Wave Curling Iron arrived packaged up very securely — definitely didn’t need to worry about anything getting scratched or broken on the way to my house. Along with putting the wands inside of a heavy-duty, sturdy round box, they’re also all kept separate with foam dividers that gives each barrel and the base a place to sit without touching each other. 

The best part from Vodana Glam wave Curling Iron is the cord is really thick and doesn't easy tangled. The barrel of this wand is able to rotate all the way around, which is really nice when I’m using it — I never have to worry about the cord getting all twisted up on itself (which is often the problem I have with my regular curling iron)

Hair Tutorial with Vodana Glam Wave Curling Iron

I use Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron with a 40mm barrel, which is the biggest in the market. Bigger barrels create more natural curls so this is great for creating looser S curls and C curls. They available in 3 colors, black, blue and Pink. The pink one looks so cute. The iron has a button that works to turn it on and off. It's easy enough to use. There are 6 heat setting dials: 100°, 120°, 140°, 160°, 180°, 200°

How to Curl Hair

How to Curl Hair with Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron: 
1. Heat up the curling iron. Most curling irons will need a little time to heat up before you can use them.

2. Split your hair into sections and Start curling.
Begin by taking a small section of hair and wrap it around the curling iron, beginning at the top or bottom

3. Play around to find a time that creates a perfect curl with your iron, but remember to start out with a lower time to prevent your hair from burning.

4. After 10 seconds, let go of your hair to release the curl. If your hair is still a little flat, try pinning it while it's still curled

Curls Hair Tutorial

Don't forget to apply a heat protection spray. I recommend LUCIDO-L .. If you regularly use heat to style your hair, it's really important that you use a heat protection spray. It will protect your hair from the damage caused by exposure to high temperatures and prevent it from becoming dry and frazzled looking. Just spray it liberally all over your hair before curling. I set the temperature to 160° and wait until 7 - 10 second to divine a curl.

I'm sorry if you find these video confusing. I’m still not very familiar with curling my hair so I think I still need some more practise! Overall, I really love the design of this curling iron. I was able to achieve the perfect curl without any trouble in less than 30 minutes. It’s pretty easy and very quick to do. Then you turn it on, select your temperature setting, and give it about 10 or so seconds to heat up. That is seriously all it takes to heat up! I love that this can get hot so quickly and It takes a little while to cool down so be carefully. 

Vodana Glamwave Curling Iron:

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