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Canmake Gel Line Artist Review

Canmake Gel Line Artist Review

I guess all of you girls here are using eye liner and I am sure that you find the same problem as everyone. I was always worried about my eye liner and had to ask my friend time and again about any smudging. Today I'm going to be talking about the Canmake Gel Line Artist in 02 Casual blue. I bought these Canmake Gel Line Artist  when I visited Hakodate drugstore in Japan! I chose the colour 02 - Blue, because I don't have blue eyeliner.

Canmake Gel Line Artist Review

Add an artistic touch to enhance your usual eye make-up! Showcase your eyes with this color gel eyeliner.
That wonderful texture unique to gel!
 Soft tip with just the right degree of hardness!
The velvety-smooth texture makes it easy to use, even on the delicate skin at the edges of your lids
 It's simple to add an artistic touch even to fine lines with the 2mm diameter tip!
 Won't run easily, even at the run-prone edges of your lids!
 Waterproof formulation resistant to sweat, sebum, rubbing, and water.
 After applying eyeshadow and eyeliner, add a touch of color on top, just to the outer corners of your lids or your lower lids. This ensures a nonchalantly stylish look that won't look outlandish!
 Contains hyaluronic acid (moisturizing agent)

Canmake Gel Line Artist Review

Available in 4 colors
01 Classic burgundy
A user-friendly brownish burgundy. Gold glitter adds a touch of understated glamor for a gentle impression
02 Casual blue
A crisp, sophisticated, subdued blue. Also makes the whites of your eyes look clearer and brighter
03 Rose red
A red that makes your eyes look adorable. Adds a touch of innocence to your eyes, to bring out his protective instinct
04 Candy Pink
A playful and trendy vivid pink. For a more mischievous, adorable look than usual

Canmake Gel Line Artist Review

Canmake is a cosmetic brand originally from Japan. One thing I love the most about this brand is the cosmetics have been made for Asian girls and the price is real affordable comparing to the quality of the products.

Canmake Gel Line Artist Review

I have come across many products from Canmake and found they have a lovely and unique packaging. The 'Canmake Gel Line Artist' come in a pencil type applicator that you can twist in order to get more product. What I don't like, it they don't come with a sharpener!

Canmake Gel Line Artist Review

The texture is a bit dry with the blue colour but pigmented. The first thing I noticed is that application isn’t quite as smooth as you get from the Drawing Show range. This formula isn’t quite as creamy which means it drags slightly against the eyelid, resulting in a rougher line. 

Canmake Gel Line Artist Review

Lasting Power: 
I think the lasting power is pretty good. I have very oily eyelids and even after eye primer they get greasy and eyeliner smudges easily. These last the whole day, almost without smudging at all.

Canmake Gel Line Artist Review

Pros :
Photobucket Great range of colour
Photobucket Sturdy packaging
Photobucket Anyone looking for a budget, waterproof eye-liner
Photobucket People with sensitive eyes (these are formulated with  hyaluronic acid (moisturizing agent)
Photobucket Fans of Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil

Cons :
Photobucket It just is too difficult to apply, not creamy like the demo pick looks.
Photobucket Not very creamy so it's quite hard to apply onto the eye area.
Photobucket Don't have sharpener
Photobucket Soft and thin tip ! so you must be extremely careful when you use them.

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  1. Blue eyeliner looks even better than black! Amazing!


  2. It looks great, I love this colour! :) Would you like to follow each other? I followed you so if you like to, you also can, I would be very happy :)

  3. Love the colour of your eyeliner ♥

  4. The final effect on you is really lovely. I'm sorry it is so hard to apply. Such thin pens don't need a sharpener.


  5. Oh very cute eyeliner darling
    The color is very pretty


  6. I like blue eyeliner.


  7. I don't really like colorful eye liners so I guess I'll skip this one :)

    Bella Pummarola

  8. Lovely post dear! Have a great day! xx

  9. Aw, love those colours on your eyes! xoxo

  10. Wow I dunno that blue eyeliner can be that good! Anyway is this easily broken or not?


  11. Great product dear :)


  12. I never used blue eyeliner like that... But I think it's really cute on you!


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