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LovelyShoes Outfit Review

Hey everyone ! I hope you all have had a great week and are now spending your weekend by winding down and relaxing. Sadly, I don’t have that luxury at the moment because uni is bombarding me with homework ( feel like I am being smothered with deadlines here and there )  so I decided to take a little break to write a new clothes review from Lovelyshoes.net

Lovelyshoes.net sells so many things from women clothes, accessories, bag, shoes, etc. They are pretty cheap too, I was very surprised. To be honest, I was expecting kind of low-quality items for prices like these , but I was wrong. I don't have anything to say about shipping, it took around 20 days(which is normal) and everything was packed separately and carefully, so they came in excellent condition as always.

I'm a huge lover of high neck sweater. We all know about this roll neck trend and I haven't really delved into it, but I really want to! I spotted this High neck Sweater and instantly wanted it . I've always wanted a long sleeved sweater with a big fluffy collar to it and the faux fur trend right now is to die for! I just think i'd have to be careful if I were to get this as it could get dirty very easily. 

Fabric: Nylon, artificial fiber, spandex
Price: $12.20 USD
Length: 82 cm
Sleeve: 58 cm

So the next item I went for is this super adorable oversized sweater !  This item has two different colour ways. One of them is white, the other one is black. I've had a hard time deciding which one to get because both colors are my favorites. In the end, I went with the white colours . The quality of this oversized sweater from Lovelyshoes is nearly flawless. I have absolutely no issues with the material or craftsmanship. 

Find the White High Neck Oversized Sweater  HERE 
Find the others clothing  HERE 

The dress is really really thick and it keeps me so warm. It's oversized so it's very comfortable to move in too! Both the color, thickness and the comfort level made this item one of my favorites in my closet . What I love about this is that it can also be worn as a dress. I used it as a dress, but it is also possible to use it as a sweater and wear a pair of skirt under it . But overall I am so happy with this and I can't wait for it to come out the wash to wear again. 

Thanks ever so much cuties for reading my review. Check out Lovelyshoes.net  You're bound to find something to fit your style. You also get point and discount off your first order when you sign up. Thanks again guys and remember to Follow me and leave nice comments.

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