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ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion #Pink Review

If you own any of the cushion compacts , this thing comes in the same exact case with the removable/refillable bottom. I got the pink one from Etude House Indonesia when I'm coming they first launching. This is a good product. Plus point for the packaging and smell of the product. This product conveniently cover my flaws on my face and save me a lot of time to blend it on my face! It smells good and it does not affect my sensitive skin. 

It's super easy to apply and coverage is pretty good  Since I don't like wearing foundation or heavy coverage at all, I have to work with a really small amount in order to get the coverage I want. Packaging is adorable and for such a good quality product the price is a steal . I have sensitive oily skin and even though this feels a lbit sticky at first, it's not as dewy as other Korean makeup. I still like to set it with powder, but it's rather comfortable on the skin on its own.

This Magic Cushion Pact makes skin transparent and bright with a lovely magic base color that covers imperfections of any skin type. A multi color cushion soaked in foundation, it can be bb or cc cream too , housed in a chunky compact with second lid/compartment for the puff and also to keep the foundation from drying.
6-in-1 almighty cream foundation cushion: Moisturizing + Whitening + Anti Aging + Sunscreen (SPF 50+ / PA+++) + Foundation + Cooling

How to apply image
After skin care, apply it onto puff and smoothly apply to the face along the texture of skin.
Lightly dab the puff over uneven area around forehead or cheekbone.

Beauty tips image
*For flawless makeup
Step 1. Make vivid skin tone base makeup by "Magic Any Cushion"
Step 2. Dab on face for strong coverage by "Any Cushion"
Step 3. Layer along T-zone by "Magic Any Cushion"
*For lovely natural makeup
Step 1. Make vivid and transparent skin tone by "Magic Any Cushion"

What it does 
 To keep skin flawless, it cares each skin's weakness via multi color cushion with whitening effect.
 "Moisture-Lock Fomula' is applied to prevent getting dried.
 Pearl mineral powder and Arbutin contained to keep skin clear and whitened, also Adenosine contained for anti-wrinkle treatment.
 Multi Color Cushion: Patented technology (No.0981353) applied makeup base - excellent at tone correcting
 Moisture-Lock Formula: Special formula containing Hyaluronic sodim to provent losing moisture.

3 shades are available to cater to different skin tones: 
 Magic Pink: For pale skin tone users to make vivid and lovely skin tone
 Magic Mint: For ruddy skin tone users to make natural and bright skin tone
 Peach: For dark and dull skin tone users to make clear and bright skin tone

I wear this before my bb cream, and it does have a nice natural finish overall, but I think I'll stick to the cc cream before bb cream because I get more coverage that way. It just works better for me personally . I fell in love with the cushion compacts after trying out one of the bb cream ones and was really hoping this would do something more, but I'm not super disappointed as I knew what to expect. Perhaps when my acne scars fade more (currently working on it) it'll work better for me . Of course I'm going to finish using it, but I won't repurchase, especially at the price point it's at.

Pros :
Photobucket Super easy to apply
Photobucket It really brightens up my skin.
Photobucket It really matches my skin color (i'm Chinese) and it seems very natural
Photobucket Coverage is pretty good
Photobucket Awesome packaging , and that you can buy refill
Photobucket Has SPF 34 / PA++
Photobucket Compact, sturdy and portable

Cons :
Photobucket No oil controlling properties
Photobucket Quite expensive but a great product
Photobucket Wears off very quickly
Photobucket It provides a dewy finish and when first applied looked great on me but after about 2 hours, much of it had started to disappear on the center of my face. I've also had a few clogged pores in the days after I started using it. I'm not sure if it is the cushion foundation, or something else.
Photobucket It is kind of sticky against the skin.


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