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Review: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Cherry Peach and Cherry Pink

Fresh Cherry Tint promotes moist and shiny cherry lips with creamy and smooth texture. Available in 4 new colors : Cherry Pink , Cherry Peach , Cherry Hot Pink and Cherry Red

Etude House never fails to amaze me ! It's so cute and when I put it on it gave a pop of color but not too much which was what I was looking for, something that looks natural, moisturizes, smells good, and can be worn anyday but still makes you feel special.

Packaging :
The Fresh Cherry Tint comes in a cute, but practical packaging. It's lightweight and easy to take with you. Besides that, it has a very soft brush that makes applying the lip tint very easy.

Scent and Texture :
I love the the creamy texture. The texture is like lip gloss but not sticky at all, And the scent: It smells sweet. They just have a fruity, sometimes floral scent to it which is so awesome because both of them are my fav kinds of scent.

Here's a swatch :

Consistency :
This one spreads on your lips so smoothly and evenly.  A soft pink color with a matte finish, beautiful. The color looks very natural unlike soft pink dan peach lipsticks with a matte finish, beautiful., and this product doesn't dry out you lips unlike most lip stains. Finish only lasts a bit but the color all day!
I usually apply lip balm before applying the lip tint. It smells so subtle and wonderful too!

Pigmentation :
It's very pigmented yet natural.  but I prefer swiping it two times to show a more vibrant color

Lasting Power :
I think after 6 hours, they will have lost their shimmer and will need to be touched up. It lasts well but you will need to touch up after eating which is normal.

bare lips

after applying Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Cherry Peach

after applying Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Cherry Pink

 Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Cherry Peach

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Cherry Pink

Pros :
Photobucket Looks natural
Photobucket Easy to spread
Photobucket Nice color
Photobucket Affordable
Photobucket Smells good
Photobucket Not sticky

Cons :
Photobucket Taste bitter. You should only hold yourself to not licking your lips after applying this lip tint

Do you have one too? tell me what you think


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  1. You are looking cuuute! I love lip tints and these are nice colors :)


  2. The pastel pink one looks veryy ppretty!! >_<

  3. yang pink ternyata bagus ya ga terlalu pucet.. fix mau beli yg pink!


  4. rambut aslimuuu jul *__* cetar bgt, bagus kayak warna wig yg colorful
    nice review :3



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