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Palty Cherry Bleach Creamy Review

I bought the Palty Cherry Bleach Creamy hair dye when I'm holiday in Singapore . My natural hair is a dark brown. This dye worked great on my hair. Before I dyed it my hair, as stated previously, was a very dark brown. After leaving it on for thirty minutes (the instructions say 20) my hair came out a light brown color. The dye does not dry out my hair nor does it damage it. 

Cherry Blossom Creamy is a milky pink brown. Dariya Palty Hair Color works to color and to treat your hair for moisture and shine. Fresh fruity floral scent. Formulated with 3 treatment ingredients help to prevent further damage: 

Photobucket Camellia oil for shine, Silicon to smooth, and Botanical protein to protect hair from damage. 
Photobucket Essence of camellia oil is included in package to condition and moisturize hair after coloring
Photobucket Hair will be silky smooth with beautiful bright hair colouring.

Even though the instructions are all in Japanese you can still understand how to dye your hair because of the pictures they show you. You just mix the powder and the cream into the bottle and shake it . After that take off the cap and replace it with the comb and you're good to go. Just press and the cream will came out from the comb 

So opening the box here are the items that Palty cream hair dye provides. Inside of the Palty hair dye box was the bleach cream, activator, nozzle for easy hair dye application, gloves, conditioner, and instructions .

I love the color and it doesn't damage my hair as badly as salon products . My hair also looks really shiny and healthy and i totally reccomend this dye for people with natural dark hair. But there is not enough product for hair longer than the shoulders.

Pros :
Photobucket The packaging of this product is so cute
Photobucket Didnt hurt or itch my head because i always had experience that my head itched and burned like crazy when i used other hair dye
Photobucket Free mini sample conditioner in the box.
Photobucket It even smells a bit nice

Cons :
Photobucket Hard to buy it in my country
Photobucket What I'm hate it is first of all, I had to buy two boxes for my waist length hair and two boxes wasn't even enough to cover it all

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