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Canmake Highlight and retouch Concealer UV Review

Like applying light to your skin. The magic of light banishes under-eye shadows and dullness ★
● Apply a coat to under-eye shadows and areas where dullness is a concern, such as around the wings of the nose and along laugh lines ★
The ultrafine gold and pink pearl particles make dull areas instantly brighter with the magic of the spotlight!
● Succulent texture and natural coverage ensure a feather-light, non-powdery finish!

Use over your make-up for retouching!
● Apply a coat in the evening to areas of concern, such as under tired eyes, over areas of dullness.
Can be applied even over your foundation, for precision retouching of your make-up, without making it smudge! ● Ideal formulation for retouching make-up: SPF40 and PA++
All you need to protect your eye area, C-zone and T-zone ★ Free from ultraviolet absorbers too!

Contains 84% beauty ingredients ♥ Prevents dryness to care for your skin and recharge moisture ★
● Superb skincare effect!Plumps up dry areas around the eyes and mouth ♥ Moisturizes and prevents dryness ★
Moisturizing agents: Collagen, hyaluronic acid, royal jelly extract, ceramide, honey

Gentle formulation that will delight your skin
● Free from ultraviolet absorbers, fragrance, parabens, mineral oil, alcohol and tar-based pigments

[01] Light pink-beige
A light pinkish-beige that will make your skin look a shade brighter and bursting with vitality. Banish dullness with the light from gold and pink pearl particles, to boost translucence!

My eyes look dull, not fresh and very tired. I’ve been having dark circles under my eyes for many years because i'm often lack of sleep . In general, eye concealers are used to cover dark circles under the eye and are not associated to eye bags problem. Use a concealer which is more lighter than our skin tone so it perfectly cover the imperfection. I'm sure you guys know what a concealer and their function is. I guess I don't have to explain further.

Suggestion :
apply a few layers in stages gradually for best result

Pros :
Photobucket Effectively cover the dark circles
Photobucket has very fine & smooth texture
Photobucket not sticky
Photobucket no cakey effect even on very dry skin
Photobucket has SPF to protect skin from sun and discoloration
Photobucket easy to blend

Cons :
Photobucket Need touching up after a few hours of application especially during hot weather.
Photobucket Hard to get in here
Photobucket Able to cover under eye darkness with small amount of product but dark shadow still visible under the product. Note however that dark shadows around tear troughs and eye bags is still slightly visible but less obvious than before .


Price 18.90 (SGD)


  1. Canmake always has my focus, but this brand I just can buy online looks like a nice concealer, btw now your looks like Taeyeon with your makeup very pretty!

    I want invite you to join to my Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Giveaway!

  2. you're so pretty!
    thanks for reviewing
    too bad we don't have that concealer in here



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