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Looking good is good business. This is especially true with the female folk. Thankfully, technological advancements made in the field of cosmetology has created safer and more effective ways of accentuating the glory of feminine beauty.

A very important item that every makeup kit must have is the setting powder. It is functional and also traverses different cultures across the world. There are no known cultural or religious regulations against the use of the setting powder. Setting powder keeps your concealer and foundation in place so that your face does not look cakey or cracked up. What would you give to ensure your face looks smooth and attractive?

Usually, some setting powders contain silica which serves as a sun protection factor (SPF). This makes your photos have a dusty white cast on them. This phenomenon is known as flashback. Although, not all SPF containing products cause flashback. Also, digital photography takes care of any flashback issues. It should be noted, though, that the best setting powder without flashback concerns will put you at ease and make you feel comfortable in front of any type of camera.
Are you considering buying setting powders, here are some suggestions for you;

Dermablend Professional Setting Powder
This loose setting powder is one of the best available. It reduces the appearance of large pores and mattifies the skin. It is translucent as should every good setting powder. This makes its application universal regardless of the skin tone. This is the perfect powder for people who have oily skin. You can rest assured that your makeup will not crack for at least a 24 hour period. It offers real value for money spent on it and can be obtained at a little less than $30 per can. Most importantly, there will be no white cast of any kind as a result of flashback should you take a picture with the flash on. 

RCMA No Color Powder
This is a perfect setting powder for any creamy foundation. This includes blush. It gives a matte finish to a dewy foundation. It is surprising that such a camera friendly setting powder costs approximately $12. It comes highly recommended.

Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder
This setting powder sold out within a day of hitting the market. It lives up to its $46 price tag by delivering a healthy matte finish to your skin. If you want to get that airbrush finish, this powder is what you should go for. So far so good, there have been high commendations all over the place for this setting powder.

CoverFX Perfect Setting Powder
Not only is this powder extremely light but also does not add color to your skin. It does not interfere with the appearance and feel of your makeup. it may appear as though it is not translucent when it is in its pan but upon application, it gives a clear setting.
So, now you have the goods. Applying foundation correctly is key to making your face not look cakey. The goal is to make your foundation look like skin.  To do that, be sure to take the following steps.

1. Prime your skin by moisturizing properly. It does not matter if you have an oily skin. Keeping your skin hydrated is very important. Moisturizing your skin will ensure there are no dry spots that your foundation could reveal later.
2. Use a mist. Misting helps you melt the foundation into your skin. It also eliminates any form of residual powder after the application of the foundation. Hence, ensure you apply it before and after applying the foundation.
3. Use the right tools. The outcome of the foundation depends massively on the tools used and the manner of the application. Less dense brushes ensure you do not pack too much setting powder at once. A blush brush and a liquid foundation comes highly recommended by the best makeup artists. Packing too much product at once makes blending it quite difficult. Beware of a clownish face.
4. Blot your face lightly. Blotting papers are preferred for this but a tissue will work just fine. The purpose of blotting is to eliminate any excess product that may be sitting on top of your skin. This will be done without damaging your makeup.
5. Use foundation only where necessary. Not every part of your face may need foundation. The less the trouble spots you have on your face, the less the foundation you need. Start at the center and work your way outwards.
6. Refine your application. The finished product depends largely on your application. Be careful not to add excess setting powder. A translucent powder is recommended. This will prevent further coverage of your makeup.
Careful application of these steps and the right tools will give your face the beauty it deserves and ensure you do not look awkward in the camera.

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