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I.Fairy Nobluk Grey Circle Lens Review

nobluk grey review

I just realized it's been a long, long time since I last wrote about some lenses. So I'm back to do another post dedicated to them! Before starting the post, I want to let you know I got these lenses from Lensvillage.com. The items were shipped with standard shipping and took around 10 days to arrive to my house. But of course, you can use express shipping if you need the items urgent.


i.Fairy Nobluk Grey Lens
Effect Diameter: 16.2mm
Water content: 55%
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: One Year Disposable
Origin: South Korea

i.Fairy Nobluk Grey Circle Lens review

Color and Design: 
The colour look natural and these lenses blend in pretty well with my natural eye color. The pattern was intentionally made to be irregular, so it feels more  "realistic " in a way. There are also little speckles around the center part, which I like. 

This is my fav lenses because they are very very comfortable, natural and I have no problem at all with these lenses.

Lashes Naturel lens village review

Lashes Natural #301

DETAIL : glamour, subtle to moderate volume
Go for a glamorous look with this right volume and length false eyelashes. Your natural eyelashes appear longer, fuller and luscious. .Blended for a natural and glamorous look with perfectly long and luscious lash. This extra length and definition lashes make you stand out from the crowd.

Ideal for : show, party, performance, evening out
Material : Faux Mink
Length : 5mm(Inner) , 16mm(Outer)
Band : 34mm

i.fairy hydro grey review

I'm a huge fan of false lashes. I usually wear lashes when I'm going out with my friends or going to event. I'd recommend checking out Lensvillage for false lashes because they have so many different styles of the lashes they sell.

35 Merk Lipstik Lokal Terbaik yang Boleh Kamu Coba

Pros :
 Photobucket Pretty and dolly design
Photobucket The bands are thin and very flexible, so they adapt well to the shape of your eyes and they feel comfortable after several hours of wear.
Photobucket They were very light-weight. I did not felt any heaviness or discomfort on my eyes.

Cons :

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