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Lavender Fields of Farm Tomita at Furano, Hokkaido

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Summer is also a time when Hokkaido’s countryside bursts into color with beautiful summer blossoms, and Furano and Biei are two of Hokkaido’s best-known places where colorful flower fields are concerned. 

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Nowadays, Furano's lavender fields attract large numbers of visitors to the region every summer, when the plants are in full bloom. Many other flowers make Furano an attractive destination outside of the lavender season, as well. The main season for flower viewing takes place between June and September, although some flowers also bloom earlier and later than that. Flowers include rape blossoms, poppies and lupins from June, lilies from July and sunflowers, salvias and cosmos from August and September.

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Located in Furano, Farm Tomita is arguably the best lavender field in Hokkaido region, even from all over Japan! This is a massive flower farm consists of more than 12 hectares. A beautiful view of Tokachi mountain range is seen from this spot.

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History says, Tokuma Tomita is the first generation of the Tomita line introduced this farm in 1903. Though the cultivation of lavender had started in 1958. It is said that in 1970 the total planting area of lavender reaches its largest at 230 ha, though it decreased thereafter.

Furano Travel Farm tomita and Lavender Fields - Japan Guide

A miracle happened in 1976 where the lavender fields of Farm Tomita was introduced on the calendar of JR throughout Japan. Then tourists had started knowing about this beautiful lavender garden and they began to visit it. In 1998, farm authority had opened a museum named “Tomita Lavender Museum”. It is possible for you to see lavender in the middle of snowy winter because in 2000 they have opened a greenhouse. In 2008, a new farm named “Lavender East” was established. This farm offers you paid 15 minute bus ride through the lavender fields.

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Furano Travel - Farm Tomita, Lavender Fields

Access ( credits : Japan-Guide )
Lavender and flower fields are spread across Furano and many of them are not easily accessible without private transportation. A rental car is the easiest way to get around. Alternatively, there are some sightseeing buses that visit some of the sights during the summer months.

Lavender Fields of Farm Tomita at Furano, Hokkaido, Japan

Farm Tomita Access 

From early June to late September, some trains along the JR Furano Line, including the Furano-Biei Norokko trains, stop at the seasonally constructed "Lavender Batake Station" (20 minutes, 230 yen from Furano or 35 minutes, 450 yen from Biei), from where the farm can be reached in a 5-10 minute walk.

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During some days in summer, the Furano Kururu Bus connects Furano Station with Farm Tomita three times per day in the mornings only (20-25 minutes, 1500 or 2000 yen for a day pass depending on weekday). Alternatively, Farm Tomita is also served by some of the Round Trip Bus Tours sightseeing buses from Furano.

Outside of summer, access by public transportation in non-existent.

Visiting Hokkaido Lavender Fields

Visitors here can purchase variety of lavender-infused products from cafe such as ice-cream, perfume, original lavender essential oil, pastries, jellies, honey puddings, cream puff, dried lavender, cream puff and so on.

lavender east

Farm Tomita Entrance Fee - (open in July only)
Hours : 9:00 to 16:30 (hours may change depending on weather)
Closed : August to June
Admission : Free (lavender bus: 200 yen)

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  11. Thank you for your riview and info on this place.. Really, this is ao beautiful😍😍
    Modelnya juga gak kalah cantik

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