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Hakodate Travel - Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse

Tempat Wisata di Hokkaido Jepang dan Kulinernya

I traveled to Hakodate, which is in the north of Japan, and is the largest city in southern Hokkaido. Hakodate is best known for the spectacular views to be enjoyed from Mount Hakodate and its delicious, fresh seafood. As one of the first Japanese harbor cities to be opened to international trade after the country's era of isolation, Hakodate has experienced notable influence from overseas, and the foreign population's former residential district and a Western style fort are among its main tourist attractions.

Mount Hakodate in Hokkaido

It was my first travel to Hakodate and I chose to visit it in summer, because summer is the best season to go around there in terms of comfortable weather.

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Tempat menarik di Hakodate Hokkaido Jepang

The city is surrounded by ocean, and due to its geographical feature, fishery and marine transport are the thriving industries in Hakodate. The city has experienced several urban fires, and these events led the city to have a well-maintained road system as a part of the urban planning. Hakodate is filled with the exotic atmosphere with European-style buildings since the city was one of the first Japanese port towns to be opened to foreign trade.

Mount hakodate

Panduan Perjalanan Resmi Hakodate, Hokkaido, Jepang

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Travel Hakodate- Hakodate Official Travel Guide, Hokkaido, Japan

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Hakodate have the complex consists of four zones, each of which has its own distinctive characteristics. Located across the navigation channel, Bay Hakodate features an atmospheric townscape that is a popular date spot for couples. Lit up at night at certain times of year, you can see the red bricks reflected in the water. Hakodate History Plaza is home to a beer hall where you can enjoy fresh local beer shipped directly from the brewery.

hakodate map

hakodate sunset

Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse is located at the area, facing Hakodatewan which contains lots of commercial facilities: BAY Hakodate that has several restaurants and shops, Hakodate History Plaza, used as exhibition hall and beer hall, Kanemori Hall which can be used to hold a concert or wedding etc. A part of it still remains a warehouse. 

Hakodate Travel- Mount Hakodate (Hakodateyama) - Japan Guide

Hakodate Travel Guide - Japan Guide

mount hakodate map code

Night views from Mount Hakodate - HOKKAIDO

Access to Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse:
25 minutes by car from Hakodate Airport. You can also take City tram from Hakodate ekimae stop towards the direction of Yachigashira or Hakodatedokkumae and get off at Juujigai stop, which would be a 2 mins walk from there. 15 minutes’ walk from Hakodate Station. Circulation buses around the Bay Area of Hakodate Station Motomachi are also useful.

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  1. Fotonya cantik semua ,bikin pengen kesana juga

  2. Fotonya cantik semua ,bikin pengen kesana juga

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