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Vodana Pocket Mini Flat Iron - CHARIS Review

VODANA Hair Straightener Soft Bar Hair Flat Iron

I'm always think that having a travel friendly set of straighteners is really handy whether it be for weekend trips, or overnight party with family and friends. If you've followed my Instagram you might have known about the Vodana Pocket Mini Flat Iron which I got from Charis ( it's a K-beauty online store that offers fast worldwide shipping )

Vodana Mini Flat Iron Review

Vodana is a best-seller hair tools in Korea. Previously, I have review the Vodana Glam Wave Curling Iron and the new edition is  Pocket Mini Flat Iron. They are available in 2 colors: Mint Choco and Pink Rose.

Vodana hair Straightener

Product : VODANA Pocket Mini Flat Iron
Importer : BSKOREA
Origin : China
Recommended Age : All (especially late 10's to mid-late 30's)
Release Date : Feb, 2017
Size Dimension : 17.5cm(height) X 2cm(width) Plate width : 1.7cm

Pocket Mini Flat Iron by VODANA review

The first thing you’ll notice about the Vodana Pocket Mini Flat Iron, is it’s cute, yet sturdy design and ergonomic grip handle which allows for easy usage and storage.

VODANA - Pocket Mini Flat Iron REVIEW

Vodana Pocket Mini Flat Iron, really are mini but they do come with a long enough cord for them to still be practical to use. They fit in pretty much any bag (including all of my daytime handbags) which makes them incredibly travel friendly. Usually I have to debate whether hair straighteners are a travel "necessity" but now I can always justify taking them on trips. I also think that if you're a regular gym then these are incredibly handy to pop in your bag for after your work out.

VODANA Pocket Mini Flat Iron review

What ceramic coating does is it prevents heat penetrating into hair shafts and saves your hair from literally getting cooked. So definitely avoid those straighteners or curlers which have metallic coating or don’t have any ceramic or tourmaline coating.

Pocket Mini Flat Iron by VODANA REVIEW jpg

I'm using Vodana Pocket Mini Flat Iron for my everyday hair mainly because it doesn’t damage my hair. I love this it heats up really fast ( only take 30 seconds ), but does not cook your hair and it is really easy to use. My hair didn't even feel dry at the tips like it usually does.

VODANA-Pocket Mini Flat Iron Review

I also discovered that I can use the Vodana Pocket Mini Flat Iron to create other styles that involve curling and blowing. It’s really a multi- function and time saving tool for me.

Vodana Mini Flat Iron from CHARIS Review

Where to buy Vodana Hair Tools ?

Link products :
VODANA Pocket Mini Flat Iron
VODANA Glamwave Curling Iron

If you buy from this link, you will get :
1. Get 50%  off shipping fee discount

How to buy CHARIS Products?
If you live in Indonesia, don't worry about the payment! Now you can buy any of CHARIS products by using Bank Transfer ( ATM Mandiri ), Paypal or Credit Card.

how to buy charis k-beauty products

Let's check out Vodana Hair Diva Combo (Charis Celeb Edition) exclusively at the lowest price  in https://hicharis.net/Miharujulie/
Periode until 30th June 2017


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