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KICHO Cosmetics Korean Store in Seoul

kicho korea

Hello everyone, back to my trip in Korea. I visited KICHO Store at Apgujong Rodeo Seoul for a short tour and chit-chat about Korean Skincare. It was a great meeting because I can see their studio, and also their staff! And most important is sharing about skincare

kicho skincare review

Kicho is a Korean skincare and makeup brand who uses natural ingredients in their products. Based on cosmetic expertise accumulated over more than 50 years, Kicho has been, is and will continue researching the types and layers of the human skin

Kicho Argan Brush Cleanser Wipes

The very first time I was introduced to KICHO's brand, is from BNT News, since I was one of their beauty blogger. Ever since I used KICHO's Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream, I really love it and I'm very excited to try their orher products. That's why I planned to purchase some of their skincare products such as the toner, the essence, and the moisture cream

kicho ultra moisturizing sun cream review

When I visited KICHO's store, I was surprised that there're so many different types of skincare, make up, and a complete set of brushes.

kicho moisturizer

I really love the interior design for KICHO's store, it gives a clean and cozy atmosphere. The skincare and the cosmetics are displayed on a different shelf, and each products has their own labels for easy search.

kicho cleanser

kicho products

Kicho Skin Care Review Foaming Cleanser

kicho sun cream

KICHO is available in seven stores of The Whole Foods Market which is a large-scale organic supermarket in America that is famous among Hollywood stars. It can be found in Columbus Circle N.Y store at Central Park in Manhattan, Tribeca N.Y, Port Chester N.Y, Paramus N.J, Edgewater N.J and Spring Lake Wall, NJ, as well as Williamsburg, Brooklyn store starting from July 28 in Bedford Ave where many trendy brands and restaurants are located. The store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has two floors and collaboration with famous local brands and restaurants, which has attracted lots of visitors and locals since its opening and has become a hot spot in Brooklyn.

KICHO  Phyto Natural Refreshing essence

Moreover, it entered Macy’s which is a well-known department store in the United States on July 1, 2016. It is also available in Macy’s store in Santa Anita, Arcadia, Los Angeles now and will soon be sold at New York Flushing store. (credits: bnt news)

kicho korean skincare

After the store tour, we sit down to discuss about Korean skincare and many things related. They asked me about my blog, my passion and why I love Korean products. It's nice to share about my skincare perspective to them and heard their opinion about it. We also talked about Indonesia & latest Korean products and anything that's on trend that time.

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kicho cosmetics

kicho indonesia

korean skincare

If you love Korean products and interested in Korean skincare, kindly check out @KichoCosmetics. And you can check their instagram too for some information or inspiration. Thanks Kicho Korea for the quality time~! I will visit again sometimes if I go to Korea again

KICHO Phyto Natural Refreshing Toner

Please check the video about My Daily Skincare Routine & How To Use KICHO 

Kicho Cosmetics Website


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  3. The 14th favorite article for me is here. Actuaaly I never trying product of KICHO.. But, something why I like this article is because same like you Ce Julie, I love the interior of the building of the store, one thing that stole my attention because they have a very good Lighting inside the store. And I dont know why I really love tone lighting like that kkk

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