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Heimish Dailism Eye Palette Review & Swatches

heimish dailism eye palette review

I'm back again with another Heimish review, this time on the Dailism Eye Palette in Lovesome Brink. Heimish dailism eye palette is part of the dailism line that Heimish launched with their brand launch earlier this year. Each palette contains 8 coordinated colours within a colour scheme. There are six colour schemes in this eyeshadow palette range

REVIEW- Heimish Dailism Eye Palette

About Heimish
Heimish is a new Korean cosmetics brand that was launched in March 2016. Heimish expresses a modern and chic style with common and natural makeup to realize “No More Normal“. It is a common makeup that anyone can use.

Heimish Eye Shadow Palette

The Heimish Dailism Eye Palette comes in 6 different shades:

Heimish Dailism Eye Palette lovesome brink review

The palette is just so pretty. The case is made of a plain, black matte plastic and, really study and light, so good for travel. It has rose gold “heimish” embossed on the right bottom corner. When you open it, you can see 8 pans of eyeshadow, rose-gold brush and a mirror.

Heimish Eye Shadow Palette Cozy Coral

I like how Heimish provide a twin eye shadow brush as that's making everything more compact , we don't need to bring additional make up brush when travelling. I personally wish that the blending brush was a bit more dense.

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heimish review

-  Egg Tart: Matte white color
- Macaroon: Matte pink color
 - Brownie: Medium brown color with shimmer
- Granita: Bronze color with glitter, this one is my favorite!
- Mont Blanc: Matte pink color, softer than the first one
- Lollipop: Pink with white shimmer
- Meringue: White with glitter
- Chocolate: Dark brown color with shimmer

HEIMISH Dailism Eye Palette

Each palette contains a mixture of texture including matte, shimmer and glitter. Matte shades are smooth and well packed. Shimmer shades are softer and buttery. All colours apply smoothly without looking powdery.

The pigmentation varies from one color to another. The matte shades have decent pigmentation that isn't too sheer, and is definitely buildable, but isn't as pigmented when compared to the shimmery shades in this palette. Most Korean matte eyeshadows I've tried are too sheer and powdery, so I didn't expect much from Heimish.

heimish cozy coral review

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review heimish korean

The Heimish Dailism Eye Palette colours are soft and applies smoothly. The glitters in them spreads out like twinkling stars. You may wonder what about the pigmentation for some light color shade , well i won't say they have high pigmentation but overall it's decent and buildable. If you wish to create a darker look , you can build it up a few more layers and it doesn't crease on your lid. Building up the layer look perfectly natural while you can build it up to any extend if you want. 

If you happen to pick up too much shadow and the pigmentation is too dark for you, heimish eyeshadow lighten immediately after you blend it so there is nothing to worry about!

review heimish

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