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Pony Effect Strobing Luminizer Review

review pony effect

Hey! Today I'm reviewing Pony Effect Strobing Luminizer. The product is given for me from w2beauty.com for review purposes. w2beauty.com is a Korean cosmetic retail site, they ship worldwide and they're based in Korea, 100% trustable! The packaged arrived to my doorstep around 2 weeks after they said they have shipped my orders. 

review Pony Effect Strobing Luminizer

Pony Effect Makeup
Pony is a beauty vlogger from Korea best known for her incredible makeup tutorials. I’ve watched them myself and I love how natural her looks are compared to the more dramatic finishes of Western beauty vloggers. The Pony Effect line is distributed under Memebox Inc. so I don’t think the quality will be any less than what they have produced earlier.

Pony Effect Radiance Glow Hydrating Starter & Strobing Luminizer

Pony Effect Strobing Luminizer Description
“Makeup is art – and clean, flawless canvas is the starting point. With this liquid highlighter, you can bring out your best features and add a beautiful glow to the skin. For a more natural strobing, apply a thin layer all over the face before foundation.”

Strobing game strong – this blendable liquid highlighter gives a beautiful champagne glow that looks flattering on any skin tone.

Pony Effect Strobing luminizer Review

Pony Makeup come in the matte black tube with the rose gold detailing, making them look and feel more expensive than they are. This bottle also comes with the air tight dispenser which is easy to control and dispenses seamlessly.

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Pony Effect Strobing Luminizer

How to use:
For a natural glow, use under makeup as a shimmery base. For a stronger strobing effect, apply on areas you wish to bring out such as cheekbones, browbones, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow after foundation.

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Pony Effect Memebox review

The Strobing Luminizer is a pale slightly yellowy beige liquid illuminator. the creamy texture can make it difficult to blend over foundation. It has very fine shimmers, so less is definitely more with this one. The Pony Effect Strobing Luminizer thats best applied on over foundation on areas you want to highlight. Suitable for day looks, but may be too subtle for dramatic or evening looks.

Memebox Pony Effect Strobing Collection

Apply it to the high points of the face, so center of the forehead, tops of the cheeks, nose bridge, cupid’s bow (the V on the upper lip) and the center of my chin. And after! See how much glower it is! It looks super skin like which is what I like to aim for.


pony effect makeup

The Pony Effect x Memebox Strobing Luminizer can be used as a subtle shimmery base or on top of makeup to highlight the high points of your face. The shimmer is very fine like the Mirage Highlighters and the effect is subtle. You can build it up though to make certain parts of your face more highlighted.

The finish is a very natural. I would recommend this either mixed with your foundation or applied over it as a liquid highlighter. Just be careful when applying over foundation and make sure you dab it on instead of rubbing it in.

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  1. I´ve never heard about that brand but it looks cool.

  2. aduh mupeng mupeng, packagingnya bagus2 bgt yahhh


  3. wah ponny effect :)
    kemasannya terkesan mahal banget ya ci.. tp emang mahal sih hahahah :(

    nice review

  4. aduh jadi pengin koleksi deh :D
    miharu boleh yah request skin care dari Kiehls dan mario badescu yaaaaa :)

  5. This is great.


  6. waaa, Pony, selalu ngiler liat Pony, baru punya beberapa doank, dan kayaknya yg ini harus punya


  7. pengen koleksi tapi kenapa Pony effect mahal banget :((

  8. Yampun glowingnya bikin jatuh cinta. Packagingnya juga mewah..jangan2 harganha juga mahal..dududuh..gak kuat deh...😨 tp kalo emg bagus kualitasnya, it's okay ya Miharu Julie..

  9. This is the 5th article I fallin in love. All the product was so amazing and Ce Julie was verry lucky so much can try some of the items freely. And it's such a good review Ce !!

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  10. pemilihan warna packagingan nya elegan banget..


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