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Heimish Artless Perfect Cushion Review

Heimish Artless Perfect Cushion Review

The cushion craze continues, but this time we have a completely new brand I want to introduce today: Heimish Artless Perfect Cushion! This cushion was offered to me by Korean cosmetics online shop Hermo Indonesia for reviewing purpose. Heimish is a relatively new brand in the Korean department store market. It launched march 2016. 

Heimish Artless Perfect Cushion

Heimish Cushion Claims :
 Natural coverage abundant with moisture and radiance.
Utilizes a moisture packing rich with a dewy glow to provide long lasting, natural coverage for a smooth, flawless finish.
 Gorgeous skin tone where continue application will not cause darkening.
It’s light texture and excellent adherence enables repeated application without darkening therefore leaving y our skin gorgeous and clear all day long.
 Herb extracts that protect your skin.
Peppermint and origanum majorana leaf extract has bene included as two key ingredients.”

Heimish Artless Perfect Cushion SPF50 Review

Heimish Cushion Available in 2 shades :
21 Light Beige vs 23 Natural Beige: Both shades are quite neutral with a slight pink undertone for brightness. Drilled down; the 21 Light is a cooler neutral while the 23 Natural is a warmer neutral.


The packaging is really adorable. It comes in a portable compact case, with a mirror and a air puff.  I was attracted to Heimish’s simplicity and elegance in their packaging and the company’s focus on natural and harmless ingredients.

Heimish Cushion-Review

How to use
1. Press the sponge with built-in puff, take out proper quantity, 
2. than apply it along the skin texture, thin and wide, finish with massage.

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Heimish Cushion

The texture of Heimish cushion is somewhat creamy, and it applies easily on the skin. When you first apply it to the skin, it gives a more satin finish with a slight hint of dewy

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The coverage is light-to-medium that is buildable. It covers light redness well but if your looking for something that will cover a good amount of redness, this product isn’t for you.

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heimish artless cushion

Pros :
Photobucket Fresh scent
Photobucket SPF 50
Photobucket Light to medium coverage
Photobucket It contains UV protection, brightening and anti-wrinkle properties.
Photobucket Naturally radiant finish and semi matte finish
Photobucket Cancels redness
Photobucket Doesn't break me out
Photobucket Recommend for dry skin
Photobucket Moisture

Cons :
Photobucket Medium Lasting Power ( 4-5 hours if you have a oily skin )
Photobucket Doesn't recommend for very oily skin

heimish korea review

Overall, I am quite happy with the cushion pact (that scent, that scent!) and I would recommend it to those who are looking for an easy, simple product to use on an everyday basis.


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  1. cari review dari produk ini di google. yg muncul paling atas MIHARU JULIE yuhuuuu heheehe keren julie :D

  2. gatau deh sejauh ini klo buat kyk foundation kok saya cocok nya sm TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL yg lunch box ya???

  3. Very nice review :) Really a nice post! Have a great day :)
    Bridal Blog

  4. sayangnya kurang tahan lama ya buat oily skin >.<


  5. ini haru jago bangt y nata produk untuk d poto nya.. keren kawai XD XD XD

  6. This product sounds good! I like how all your photos have a pretty pink aesthetic to them too!

    Bilgi x | Coconut Couture

  7. Reviewnya nice...Looks so good on yr skin

  8. wahai heimish kpn kau jd mik ku :( XD XD XD

  9. produk dari heimish paling suka apa jul? :)

  10. nice, but sadly it's suited for dry skin

  11. Ka julie mau naya dong heheh kalo cushion y cocok untuk kulit berminya apa ajah yah ?

  12. wah kurang cocok untuk oily skin ya ;-;

  13. Haii kaka selain aku suka bgt sm semua review d blog kaka.. Yg bikin aku ga bosen buat mapir ke sini adalah tampilan blog nya lucu, keterangan nya detail pe ada rate nya segalaaa

  14. Blog Miharu emg kece, warnanya tu gak ngebosenin, kalem dan enak dipandang. Penataan produk untuk difoto diblog Miharu Julie semuanya oke banget. Kalimat2 nya bagus...overall aku sukaaaa sekali...❤❤❤❤ untuk Heimish ini aku blm punya, jadi blm tau..pengen deh punya 😂😂😂


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