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Korean Skincare Giveaway & Mukka Kosmetik Giveaway

Korean Skincare Giveaway

Hello everyone! I have a 3 giveaway in October! Too much huh? First is Korean Skincare Giveaway (THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN INTERNATIONALLY) and Another one from Mukka Kosmetik (INDONESIA ONLY). So i hope everyone can join  but remember you must be one of my follower to join.

Start: 12 October 2016
END: 6 November 2016

Korean Skincare Giveaway
What will you get :
One lucky winner gets to win:
1. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack
2. Neulii Snail Bee Anti-Wrinkle Serum
3. Etude House OMG! Dry Shampoo
4. Hanskin Real Complexion Cream
5. Etude House Wonder Pore Kit
6. Heelbow Tok from Althea Korea
7. INSbyN Brightening System Mask BX
8. Snail Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask
9. Missha Pure Source Pocket Pack - Pearl

Giveaway Rules
1. Follow me on Google Plus ( publicly ) and Subscribe Miharu Jhulie YOUTUBE Channel
2. Follow Instagram @Miharu.Julie Repost & Tag 5 person of your friends. Use #MIHARUJULIEGIVEAWAY & LINK bit.ly/JulieGiveaway
3. Follow @MiharuJulie twitter and Like facebook page Miharu Julie Blog ( FB )
4. Leave Comment, Your Name, Email, Blog/Youtube, and Instagram

Winners :
 You can share the photo everyday to get more points, people with more points have a greater chance of winning.
 The winners will be announced via email and on @MiharuJulie Twitter and Miharu Julie Blog Facebook.
 If winner doesn't respond within 2 day, a new winner will be selected.

Mukka Kosmetik Giveaway

Mukka Kosmetik Giveaway ( 13 Oktober - 31 Oktober 2016 )

What will you get :
3 lucky winner gets to win:
1. Pemenang pertama akan mendapatkan produk kosmetik senilai IDR 300.000
2. Pemenang kedua akan mendapatkan produk kosmetik senilai IDR 200.000
3. Pemenang ketiga akan mendapatkan produk kosmetik senilai IDR 100.000

Giveaway Rules
1. Follow Instagram @Mukka_Kosmetik dan Instagram @Miharu.Julie 
2. Like FB @MukkaKosmetik
3. Repost di Instagram dan Tag ke 5 orang teman kamu ( Kalian boleh repost sebanyak-banyaknya)
4. SPAM Like di postingan FB @MukkaKosmetik
5. Jangan lupa gunakan hashtag #MukkaKosmetik dan #MukkaGiveaway agar bisa di cek postingannya.

Mukka Kosmetik Giveaway

Selain itu ada FREE MAKE OVER Mukka Kosmetik setiap pembelanjaan IDR 200.000

Mukka Kosmetik booth M-11
CosmeBeaute Indonesia Event - JCC, Senayan

Good luck ladies. Kalian boleh langsung Join ke 3 Giveaway nya!

Rahmi Taslimah ( FB & INSTAGRAM )


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  6. What a lovely give!


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  12. Great giveaway,Good luck every one.


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  22. Senengnya yang jadi winner di GA Miharu Julie....aaaaa...aku berharap bisa jd winner di GA Nona Kawai..Miharu Julie..amin...


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