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Dr. Flora White Neroli Floral Water Cream

 Dr. Flora Cream White Freshness

Here is my promised review about the Dr. Flora White Neroli Floral Water Cream which was sent to me by CHARIS. You guys know that I’m obsessed with beauty products. Especially since I have to wear so much makeup during the day for photo and video shoots, I actually have a very serious and dedicated beauty routine at night to take care of my skin. For a skincare, I choose a Korean beauty products because we know Korean girls are usually featured with dewy flawless skin and youthful bright eyes. The important things is Korean products have a natural and organic ingredients 

 Dr. Flora-Flora Cream White Freshness

This Dr. Flora White Nerolli Floral Water Cream comes in a small jar. The jar is made of the same see-through black colored plastic with a lack srewing cap. It seems quite sturdy, too. The description is also written in English and in Korean. You can look up the ingredients on CHARIS. If you remove the lid, you’ll find a plastic separator between the lid and the product. Unfortunately, no spatula is included. So use either clean fingers or a spatula or spoon if you have one.

 charis-Dr. Flora White Nerolli Floral Water Cream

According to its description it brings to you the 100% organic products that use high quality natural flower water for clear skin. All of Dr. Flora’s products are free of artificiall pigments and synthetic fragrances. So far there are four products available from this brand: Dr. Flora White Flora Toner, Dr. Flora White Flora Lotion, Dr. Flora White Flora Essence, and Dr. Flora White Flora Cream.

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 Dr. Flora Cream White Freshness review

Texture and Scent:
Dr. Flora White Nerolli Floral Water Cream have a light yellow shades and  creamy texture. The scent of this cream is more like neroli floral, but it is still nice. The cream can be spreaded easily and All the ingredients are safe with Flower water is full of nutrients and helps nurture healthy skin.

 charis-Dr. Flora Cream White Freshness

This product is recommended to all skin types as it has all natural ingredients and all products have passed hypoallergenic tests.

The benefits of using Dr. Flora White Neroli Floral Water Cream
 Change in skin tone!
 Balances PH + Smooth skin + Creates anti-oxidant effect
 Tone Up
 Smooths out wrinkles
 Nutritious balancing


How to use Dr. Flora White Neroli Floral Water Cream:
1. Gently apply a small amount to your face
2. Lightly tap your face until the product absorbs into your skin
3. Complete the process by pressing down firmly on your cheeks

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Dr. Flora White Nerolli Floral Water Cream charis

Beauty Tip:
Photobucket Sensitive Skin
Use with a sunblock product as the mixture of an abundance of vitamin C and UV rays can lead to freckles.

Photobucket Dry skin
Apply a thick layer before bed like a moisturizing facial pack and keep your face moist till the morning

Photobucket Oily skin
Use the product like a night cream for a month and experience clearer skin

 Dr. Flora-Flora Cream White Freshness-hicharis

I have a dry skin so I used it for a night time to moisturize my skin. After a few week, my skin looks moisture and it corrects the skin tone and makes your complexion look more even. It is also not sticky and give a nutritious balancing with a real flowers.

By the way, don’t put too much cream on your face at once. Because of the formula it is better to apply little by little and rub it into the skin until absorbed before adding more. 

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