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Dr. Althea Luminous Venus Cushion Review

Dr. Althea Luminous Venus Cushion

Here's a review on Dr. Althea Luminous Venus Cushion in Ice Vanilla Shine. Dr. Althea is one of the Korean brands. I got these cushion along with other products that I received from CHARIS weeks ago. CHARIS is a Influencer Based Commerce Platform in Korea. https://hicharis.net/miharujulie

Dr Althea Luminous Venus Cushion

A HOT Korean Makeup trend “Nude Makeup” that you should try now! Get goddess luminous skin by only one touch. Dr.Althea Luminous Venus Cushion is a 3-in-1 product with whitening, Anti-aging and UV-protection. It covers any uneven skin tone and blemishes without feeling sticky and heavy after apply it

review Dr.Althea Luminous Venus Cushion

Dr. Althea Luminous Venus Cushion S21 Ice Vanilla Shine
Like keeping moisture, Moist and Taut
Get your natural skin tone and clear skin! More patting you skin, more absorbing moisture! Nutrient ingredients make a tight-fisted skin layer, smooth skin texture and enduring makeup!

1. Sun screen
SPF is fully 50+, PA+++
You can pass suncreen step and put on make-up easily and lightly! Your skin can be perfectly protected by UV rays even when having outdoor activity

2. Whitening
Lemon extract with vitamin C makes tired skin luminous, and anti oxidation makes detoxification of your face.

3. Anti Aging
The ingredient, Adenosine inducing vitalization of skin cell makes skin reproduction ( Whitening + Wrinkle iimprovement ) and transparent skin

Dr. Althea Luminous Venus Cushion ice vanilla shine

Photobucket Get pure and luminous skin by only one touch
Moist luminous will fill pore and fine wrinkles. Natural extracts make your skin moist all day and voluminous soft baby face.
Photobucket Multi care make-up caring your deep skin
Abundant natural extracts care your skin from the moment it reach your sensitive skin
Photobucket Like a naked face, Self stunning luminous skin
Get powerful moisturizing, beautiful and clear skin. Hyaluronic acid hold your moisture tightly.
Photobucket With only one cushion, stay pure shine luminous skin
Watery and light cushion makes moisture finish and smooth glossy skin. You can get no-sticky and long lasting moisture.

Dr.Althea Luminous Venus Cushion review

The box is a little bigger than the normal boxes for the any cushions. The cardboard box packaging is adorable, comes with a white packaging and has an girl in pink dresses illustration on the lid. The cushion shows the same illustration. It comes in a portable compact case, with a mirror and It also closes firmly with a click. Cushion pacts come with a ruby cell air puff applicator.

Dr.Althea Luminous Venus Cushion

At the bottom of the compact are some product info which are in Korean
review Dr. Althea Luminous Venus Cushion

When you open the compact, there's a mirror and has this very soft sponge applicator

Dr Althea Luminous Venus Cushion SPF 50 review

The texture is pretty watery and It feels so light to the touch. Moist texture blends in easily with the skin color. Dr. Althea Luminous Venus Cushion is a moisture finish and smooth glossy skin. You can get no-sticky and long lasting moisture.

These do have soft coverage on their own if you want a natural bright look and don’t like to wear much make up. I would describe it as a soft coverage product though; it can cover light blemishes and give you a natural look. 

Dr. Althea Luminous Venus Cushion Review

It's up to you how much product you use per application. Just press harder if you want more product on your puff, press lighter if you want lessen. Thanks to the puff and the formula of the foundation it's easy to spread the product out on the face. It looks even and it won't look streaky at all.

Below you can see how the Dr. Althea Luminous Venus Cushion looks on my skin. It makes the skin tone even and has medium coverage. If you have very troubled skin you will probably need a concealer. It is a dewy finish and the skin doesn’t feel dry after using it, but rather refreshed. 
Dr. Althea Luminous Venus Cushion Review

Moist Level and Lasting Power:
When applying, the product feels moist and it has a lovely cooling effect (great for the hot days!). The lasting power is ok, it seems to stay nice for a good 4 hours. You can easily re-apply it afterwards.

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Dr. Althea Luminous Venus Cushion Review

Overall, Dr. Althea Luminous Venus Cushion would be a good candidate for a daily usage. It makes the skin feel moisturized and give a natural look. I like the design of the cushion compact and the ingredients are nice. It smells nice and has many skin benefits which is nice too. I recommend this for people who have dry skin as mine.

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