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Canmake Glow Twin Color Review

Canmake Glow Twin Color Review

Today I will review Canmake Glow Twin Color. Canmake is a pretty well-known and popular Japanese brand that specializes in. They're quite popular amongst teens in Japan for its affordable price and cute packaging. I bought Canmake Glow Twin Color because I need to made my noise extra high with highlighter since my noise somehow it's too small

Canmake Glow Twin Color Review

Sparkles like a shower of stardust! An eyeshadow with a new texture for a base and highlighter.

An eyeshadow with high-luminosity pearl particles that make your eyelids look brighter, correcting irregularities in skin tone and giving you added radiance. 
Tone-up base: A base color that clears under-eye bags and dullness, making your eyes look clearer and more beautiful. For a clear, sophisticated radiance! Apply to the whole of your eyelid, either on its own or under another color.
Moisturizing highlighter: A highlighter that adds the brightness and sparkle of stardust to the inner corner of your eyes, the area under your brows and the under-eye area. Use over another color for extra dazzling eyes!

Canmake Glow Twin Color Review

It's encased in a clear plastic box with gold frame and Canmake logo in it. The packaging is cute, but quite flimsy - I broke the top off while opening it for the first time, but that was easily fixed.  If I did have one complaint, it would be that I wished Canmake would provide a brush.

When swatched it shows up as a white glowy color - not quite super matte but not also a huge lot of shimmer. It took a few swatches for the colors to show up. 

(A) Highlighter
Apply to the inner corners of the eyes, under the eyebrows, and under the eyes.
(B) Base
Apply over the whole eyelid. Banishes dullness and makes eyes look brighter.
Mix (A) & (B)

Canmake Glow Twin Color Review

Color come out pretty nice but maybe because it's Japan product so they never forget about bling bling stuff. Since as long I know Japan like something with bling bling or glittery so this product have glittery, but I feel okay with this one.

Canmake Glow Twin Color Review

As you can see, I've applied the subtle highlight to the highest points of my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose. It's very natural and not overly shiny. 

Canmake Glow Twin Color Review

When done on my face, it was a very nice natural highlight. It gave me a nice healthy radiance that wasn't too 'in-your-face'. I liked the natural effect overall. Overall, I'm alway very satisfied with Canmake products. I was nervous with buying a highlighter since I'm afraid that I would wind up looking like a disco ball. I was very wrong in this case and would most likely re-purchase this. 

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  1. Looks amazing, great Produkt!

  2. You look so cute:)


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  4. So pretty, this glow effect
    I wish you a happy week! <3
    x Isabelle | Outfit Van De Dag.be

  5. Omg you are so freaking cute. I love your blog!
    This looks like such a nice, natural highlights. Thanks for sharing :)

    Enclothed Cognition

  6. cute product packaging :D

    Ray http://elusive-enigma.blogspot.co.id

  7. Great look! Happy weekend!:))


  8. This is super pretty :)


  9. It sounds amazing this product, it's nice that the highlight looks natural then ( like you say) a disco ball aha :)


  10. Amazing post and really lovely product :)


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