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Unboxing Hermo Box Indonesia

Unboxing Hermo Box Indonesia

Hello everyone! Today I have a haul and review of a site, called Hermo ID.  I was so happy when I gotten invitation to review Hermo ID . Yeah... Good news for beauty enthusiast, Hermo will opening soon in Indonesia.

Hermo ID Beauty Box

I bought this beauty box from Hermo ID which is an online beauty store that carries over 60 brands ranging from skincare and cosmetics products, to bodycare and fragrances. Most of them are renowned brands from Korea. Hermo is the official distributor of the brands in its website, so no worries about its authenticity. Just sit back, purchasing your much loved product can be just one click doesn’t matter where you are and item will be deliver to your door. 

hermo id beauty box korea cosmetics

Honestly, I am quite shock because when I unboxed the Hermo box, I saw so many skincare product wrapped in bubble wrap!! One of them is my favourite products such a Natural Republic and Innisfree. I was also found a new skincare edition with a cute character, Crayon Shinchan Edition A'pieu Good Night Water Sleeping Mask and Missha Line Friends Edition Love Secret Hand Cream Green Grape ...
innisfree capsule recipe pack sleeping pack review

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack Sleeping Pack-Rice Review
1. Skin brightening care with rice ingredients (Containing 1,000ppm of rice extract) 
2. Stimulating, concentrated texture 
3. A sleeping pack that softly absorbs into the skin

*Capsule Recipe Pack now comes in a lighter and small tub for your convenience. 
The shape of the tub may become slightly deformed upon impact but it will still be safe to use. Refund may not be allowed for slight deformations after you receive the product, so please check before purchasing. 

How to use
Apply the desired amount and gently spread onto the face at the cream step. Leave on overnight and wash it off next morning. 
innisfree the green tea seed cream review

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Cream Review
Antioxidant-infused cream made with Jeju green tea seeds for deep hydration and nourishment 

1. More moisture and freshness with 100% green tea. 
Rich in amino acids and minerals, green tea from Jeju's own green tea leaves hydrates your skin.
2. Dual Moisture-Rising Technology™ derived from green tea and green tea seed oil 
The fresh green tea deeply hydrates your skin and the green tea seed oil creates a strong moisture barrier to keep your skin moisturized longer. 
3. With the help of the antioxidants naturally present in green tea, this cream rich in moisture keeps skin healthy and moisturized without stickiness. 

How to use
Put a small amount of cream into your hand and apply it around your face and neck.

innisfree jeju volcanic nose pack review

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack Review
1. The Jeju volcanic clay treats pores by removing blackheads and other impurities. 
2. The nose pack can be used on various areas, such as your nose, forehead, or chin. 
3. With a lavender aroma to comfort your mind and body 

Crayon Shinchan Edition A'pieu Good Night Water Sleeping Mask

Crayon Shinchan Edition A'pieu Good Night Water Sleeping Mask
Overnight skin care for moisturized and radiant skin
Features: moisture-wrapping texture, hydra gel formula. Collagen and birch water, provides profound moisture during the night.
anti aging shampoo hermo id

MISE EN SCENE Anti-Aging Shampoo
Collagen and super berry make hair root and hair to be healthy and Offers enriched volume and shine. 
Manufacturer: AMOREPACIFIC and Country of Origin: South Korea

How to Use  
Create lather with a moderate amount and massage hair and scalp lightly. Rinse off.

NATURE REPUBLIC Hawaiian Fresh Clay Pack

NATURE REPUBLIC Hawaiian Fresh Clay Pack
 Fine clean clay ingredients absorbs sebum giving clear pore care
 Hibiscus and Noni Extract provides hydration on the skin for silky clear skin care.

Directions: After washing the face, Apply proper amount evenly on the face excluding eye and lip area. After 10~15 min, wash it off with lukewarm water well. Using 1~2 times a week is suitable.

nature republic jeju sparkling cleansing water review

Nature Republic Jeju Sparkling Cleansing Water
Jeju Sparkling Cleansing Water is a facial water cleanser and make up remover formulated with sparkling water for instant hydration and deep cleansing
 Contains Jeju sparkling water for cleansing and hydration
 Makeup remover and facial cleanser
 Provides hydration, tightening and soothing

3 Concept Eyes Creamy Lip Color

3 Concept Eyes Creamy Lip Color - Stylenanda
Extreme moisture lip color that melts as soon as it touches the lips.
With the containing essence ingredients, transparent and rich colors are rendered at the same time creating a very smooth lip color.

Esscene lip color
Essence that include Argan oil, cupuacu Butter, extc. Make up more that 20%, moisturizing and creating soft lips comfortably

Rich and Vivid Voloring
The rich transparent gloss makes colors vibrant creating a fresh glossy lip color, aiding it to coordinate on any makeup well

 Missha Line Friends Edition Love Secret Hand Cream Green Grape

Missha Line Friends Edition Love Secret Hand Cream Green Grape 
Line Friends Edition Hand Cream it it provides 5 different fragrances for your choice, including Cotton White, Blue Daisy, Mango Flower, Lemon Grass and Green Grape. This lovely hand cream provides a silky and fast-absorbing light-weight texture, and it does not feel sticky when applying it to skin.

Meadowfoam seed oil and glycerin - Moisturizing effect
Grape extractions - Bright skin
Size: 30ml

Nature Republic Green Tea Hand Cream 
Nature Republic’s world famous Hand and Nature Hand Cream moisturizes the hand throughout the day and is a formulated with natural floral herbal and fruity ingredients delivering fresh aroma.
Contains: Shea butter base compound and Fresh green tea herbal scent

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  1. The products sound so good.
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  2. Oh my God Shinchan hahaha! That's awesome. I've always wanted to try innisfree products (most likely in the near future I'll give it a try)

    Thanks for the review!



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