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Mizon Great Pure Cleansing Oil Review

Mizon Great Pure Cleansing Oil

This is my first time to try Mizon product. I have never bought the same cleanser twice because I always come into the conclusion that there must be something better out there. I have never been completely satisfied with any cleanser! I decided to try out a Mizon Great Pure Cleansing Oil. Thank you @elsyoungid for letting me try this product 

Beloved South Korean skincare brand, Mizon, is best known for their exceptional quality and innovative products. As we know, South Korean women are renowned the world over for the flawlessly beautiful skin (as well as their extensive, eight-to-ten step skin care rituals)… 

Mizon Great Pure Cleansing Oil

Previously I used one cleansing oil from Indonesia product and I was not impressed because make my skin oily. I like the fact that  Mizon Great Pure Cleansing Oil  can clean waterproof makeup and leaves a moisturised finish

Mizon Great Pure Cleansing Oil

A Cleansing Oil that gently removes thick make-up and leaves your skin with a moisturized finish

Photobucket Thoroughly and gently cleanses thick make-up
The oil formula that enables gentle massaging deep cleanses  not only make-up but also any waste.

Photobucket A mild formula that’s gentle on the skin
The 5 plant-based ingredients, including olive oil, gently work on the skin and protects it by leaving your skin moisturized with no tightness even after cleansing.

Photobucket A skin treatment effect through massaging
Gently massaging your skin while you cleanse boosts blood circulation and gives your skin even more vitality.

Mizon Great Pure Cleansing Oil
I did a test on cotton and my hand to know how Mizon Great Pure Cleansing Oil does get rid of regular and waterproof makeup.

How To Use Mizon Great Pure Cleansing Oil
 Apply about 3 pumps onto dry hands and cleanse your skin by massaging it onto your face. 
 Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
 If necessary, finish off by washing with cleansing foam.

Mizon Great Pure Cleansing Oil review

I love the purple pattern on packaging. The bottle comes in a 145ml pump dispenser bottle, which I guess should be enough for 3-4 months and it is easy to control how much product comes out so that you don't end up wasting the product and it is also hygienic. The bottle also sturdy to prevent the products from leaking while travel.

Mizon Great Pure Cleansing Oil review

I did a test how it washes off makeup and in the pic above starting from the left I have a regular eyeliner, waterproof mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick on my hand. The above picture is after spreading all the oil all over the makeup and as you can see it really does wash off makeup easily.

Mizon Great Pure Cleansing Oil Review

I really like this cleanser! It makes my skin feel super soft after every wash and it really cleans my face without being oil too much. It also doesn't over-moisturize my skin. Mizon Great Pure Cleansing Oil does get rid of regular and waterproof makeup. Overall, I am very impressed with this cleanser. I do think that it suits all skin types, even oily ones because it doesn't strip off the natural oils off of your face and it deep cleanses your skin. 


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  2. ahh miharu diriku malah fokus ke makeup cute muu bukannya produknya jadinya haha :D


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  4. Cleansing oil is still something new for me but this one looks amazing ♡

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  6. Belum pernah coba produk dari brand Mizon, tapi sepertinya cleansing oilnya ini worth to try ya Julie :)

  7. Great Product, i also love it to use cleansing oil!


  8. I'm loving your introductory paragraph, about coming to the conclusion that there must always be something better out there. Very material in this context but very applicable to real life, too, haha. But other than that Mizon sounds lovely!


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  10. Thanks for your review :)
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  13. This product looks great! I love cleansing oil

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  15. warnanya bikin gagal fokus, pastel banget <3 Mizon banyak produk bagusnya ya ternyata, sering lihat blogger lain review brand ini :)

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  19. i actually want to try out the balm for this product, but now that i've read about how effective part of its line is I wanna try it even more now haha ^^ thanks for the review !


  20. packagingannya memang bagus banget inimah

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