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Blonde & Pastel Green Ombre Hair

Blonde Pastel Green Ombre

Trendy Pastel Hair Colors for 2016 ( credit: special hairstyles )
While the word of fashion is looking for a new idea to mingle with pastel hue we are having more fun with pastel hair colors in 2016.

Blonde with mint Ombre hair

This I the year of subtleness, uniqueness and creativity. The more you add pastel shades I your appearance the more delicate you’ll look and this is not the case when too much is bad-looking. Taking examples from popular stars we are always provide with trendy looks and stylish hair colors. What is the concept of pastel shades?

It’s delicacy. In spite of looking artificial pastel hair colors tend to make females look like alive dolls. They grab attention and are never omitted by people surrounding you.

blonde ombre mint

Pastel Ombre Hair Color

Mint is a light shade of green that is a unique color for hair. It’s a great combo for blonde hair and can be added on light blonde hair as highlights. Pastel mint goes with light complexions and with particular medium skin tones. It compliments both light and black eyes.

Blonde & Pastel Green Ombre

blonde pastel green hair

pastel green ombre hair

pastel mint ombre hair

Matching the dark and the lightest shades of the same pastel hair color you will get a delightful ombre effect on your hair. You may dye your roots in a dark and the ends in a light shade of a ravishing pastel hair color in 2016 and amuse people around you.

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