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Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Review

Helloooo !~ Bagaimana pengalaman liburan lebaran kalian? Selama lebaran ini aku terkena flu dan demam selama 1 minggu sehingga aku tidak terlalu nyaman menikmati liburan. Jangan lupa untuk selalu menjaga kesehatan ya! Nah, pastinya selama liburan lebaran gini ga lengkap kalau ga dandan cantik buat foto-foto maupun ketemu keluarga lainnya dong. Kali ini aku mau sharing 3 lipstik Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk dari LUXOLA.co.id yang cocok untuk mempercantik dirimu selama liburan lebaran ini.

Various girlish-pink colors inspired lipstick with lightweight and soft texture.
 Vivid color on lips: Feather creamy gel by fumed silica gel texture for soft and outstanding colors to express clean and clear lips.
 Smooth wear: It provides comfortable and smooth wear with relaxed fitting complex. Smooth poder system is applied to make creamy-soft lips.
 Rich nutrition & moisturizing: Moist Liquid Paste system is applied to hydrate lips with Hydro-moist complex.

 Draw the lip line clearly by a lip brush.
 Swipe on lips, make sure the color glides onto lips evenly.

Photobucket For a glossy effect: Apply a touch of clear gloss over your lipstick for a beautiful pout.
Photobucket For a perfect lip shape: Start in the middle of the lips, smoothing out to the corners of the mouth.
Photobucket For a natural look: Tap on lips several times.

Packaging :
There’s really nothing to say except for super-duper cute. Have you seen anything cuter and pinker? Don’t you just love the little ribbon around it? The box is pink, full of hearts and made of normal cardboard. And the lipstick itself is housed in a pink and sturdy plastic “case”. Inside the product has a beautiful heart monogram engraved . Etude House is known for it’s feminine, princess themed packaging and I assure you, it’s paying off. They aren’t the best selling Asian make up brand for nothing

Berikut adalah ketiga warna yang aku pilih! Aku memiliki waktu yang sulit setiap memilih produk Etude House karena mereka selalu mempunyai warna dan packaging yang superr girly dan cute !

Its application is extraordinarily nice and easy, and the color is quite malleable. You can apply it truly easily and almost as lightly as a lip balm, so this is not a real handicap to bring it with you from time to time.

Application & Texture 
It’s unbelievable smooth, it just slides along the lips really easily and leaves a moist and non-sticky sensation on the lips.On the other hand, if you have chapped lips, I suggest exfoliating and using balm before applying this lipstick, or else you’ll end up with ugly looking lips.It has an awesome coverage and it’s amazingly long-lasting even if it doesn’t state so.

The colour pay off is absolutely amazing! It’s a bright Barbie pink. At first, after application, its seems glossy and sheer, but once it dries it is more of a matte finish and it lasts all day long. It doesn’t have any perfume, which is strange since I’ve read in other reviews that it does smell, mine just doesn’t.

The product itself looks like a  Cheerful pink with a hint of peach, but once on my lips, it looks like a bright pink. It is a beautiful shade and good pigmentation too. All formulas are pretty consistent. they glides nicely, and feels light on lips. The cute effect I was looking for is here, without overdoing it.

I hope this has helped you decide which one to purchase first. I am in love and I know I’ll probably end up with the whole set soon.

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