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Etude House Indonesia Beauty Gift

Women from all over the world take skin care seriously, but Korean skin care is in a league of its own. Different climates and cultures regulate how a person approaches skin care image. Typical Korean skin care products contain a wide array of natural and exotic ingredients to maintain healthy skin.Today I want to talk about something that is growing increasingly important to me, and that is… Korean skincare from Etude House Indonesia! First I get Wonder Pore Fresher Toner, I've write the review before so you can check here.


The Claims 
According to Etude House the OMG Dry Shampoo is, “a quick, convenient solution to those mornings where you wake up late leaving no time to wash your hair.” It’s formulated with Etude House’s Anti-Sebum Complex, an ingredient in the dry shampoo that keeps the scalp fresh and clean. It claims to be a great quick fix for oily hair if you’re on the go.

The bottle itself is cute featuring a pop-art style comic involving a girl who’s woken up too late to wash her hair. The scent isn’t overpowering, nor is it unpleasant image. Easy-to-use! Just spray at the roots, then gently shake out hair to spread the product or massage it throughout your scalp. Etude House’s OMG Dry Shampoo works instantly. 


The Claims 
This cleansing cream removes impurities you usually cannot remove when you're busy, containing 12 kinds of moist ingredients.

Etude House Every Month Cleansing Cream 180ml
#01 Moisture & Revitalizing
Vitalizing + Moisture + Remove waste product + Cool down dead cell skin + Make-up Cleansing
#02 Soft & Moist
Soft + Moisture +Remove waste product + Cool down dead cell skin + Make-up Cleansing

How to Use 
 Before using Cleansing Foam, Massage in a circular motion into thoroughly wet skin.
 Rinse off with tissue or water.

The packaging comes in a tube with a nude soft skintone brown. On the front of the packaging, it has an illustration of ingredients. then at the back of the product comes the details and information. This cleansing cream is very moist and The scents are nice and not overpowering . The cream is white and it is quite solid but glides very well on my skin. I agree that cleansing cream, especially this one removes the dirt, and dust from the skin but I think It isn't the best makeup remover out there, so you can look elsewhere if you are aiming for a high performance remover. I recommend this for people who has dry or normal skin.

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