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Maybelline Hyperglossy Liquid Liner Review

Now I want to review one of my favourite eyeliners . My collage friends have recommend to me this eyeliner and I've been wearing this one ever since. It's waterproof, glossy, super black, stays on forever, and it's almost perfect. Gosh, it was so cheap too, I checked it retails for around 36.000 IDR. Even though I found the brush kind of hard to use, I don't care because it is such a good eyeliner.

This is without a doubt the best eyeliner I've ever used. I've used countless liners over the years, both high end and drugstore, and none match up to it. It's jet black with instant opacity, and long wearing . Honestly, it's the only product I can use to get a nice precise cat eye. 

The packaging is sleek and gorgeous, and the price is obviously a big plus.

I love the formula, and how black it is. The liner dries up in seconds, it takes maximum 10 seconds to dry. The liner is totally smudge proof. I have rubbed my eyes a number of times after applying this eyeliner and it has never smudged. It stays on my lids for 8 hours , without any fading  and I was tricked by the name, hyperglossy, which I was thought the eyeliner will be super2 glossy or shiny on my upper line of my eyes, but actually it's not really that glossy.

I freaking love this stuff. It's the only liner that's ever worked for me. I can get a lovely cat eye that stays on all day, is super black, and easy to get off. But I really need to learn using the brush, very tiny and soft . But overall this product is ok. Will repurchase. I highly recommend.

Pros :
Photobucket Easy to apply and dries fast.
Photobucket Also love the gloss and shine to it.
Photobucket Smudge proof.
Photobucket VERY CHEAP!
Photobucket Travel friendly packaging.

Cons :
Photobucket Unattractive design packaging
Photobucket I don't like the brush on this eyeliners


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