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Etude House Tea Tree and Lemon Mask Review

It’s been quite some time since I last did a skincare product review on Etude House Mask Sheet . If my memory serves me well enough, I think I bought this sheet mask more than half a year ago but I just never gotten round to use it as I have tons of unused sheet masks in my skincare stash drawer.

For those of you unfamiliar with Etude House, it's an inexpensive Korean cosmetics brand known for their adorable (and often princessy packaging) . Their Alphabetical range is a series of 27 sheet masks - one for every letter of the English alphabet plus a heart. 

I love Tea Tree and I know it’s really good for treating / healing acne so I wanted to get this since my hormone’s on a rage this time of the month. The mask comes in some pretty cute packaging . It has a tea tree on the front and is kind of rustic design. I really liked it! The Tea Tee mask  had a very wet, slippery feel medium thick cloth which won't tear easily. It has a lot of serum on it, it was dripping when I grabbed the mask out of the packaging. Thankfully the serum didn't drip when I had the mask on though .

This mask has lemon extracts and is meant for clearing skin and making it visually brighter . I definitely could notice the instant brightening effect, my skin looked clear and brighter. My skin became soft and hydrated. I’m particularly in love with the masks! I can’t begin to describe to you how amazing the mask feels when it’s on and how wonderful your skin feels after use . The mask fits perfectly over your face and I adore how it contours the shape of my under eye perfectly. 

After 10 minutes of leaving the mask on my skin feels cool, refreshed, and wonderfully soft.  I normally do this treatment before bed while reading a few chapters of a book . The best part is when I wake up in the morning my face is literally glowing and I feel like I can go without makeup. You can get this product at Etude House Branches or Online Stores

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