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Suspender Skirt

In the mood for a new skirt style? Open your mind and let suspender skirts stretch your fashion horizon image. The skirt, we’re talking about is designed with suspenders attached to it and these straps, whether detachable or not, form an ‘X’ or a ‘Y’ shape at the back heart+kira*. With a skirt like this, you can up your style ante in no time and be that lass with a style that’s either loved or hated with a passion. Either way, you’ll get the attention.

So, instead of the typical boring skirt that you slip on image and have it naturally hang at your waist or cinched by a belt, you’ve got a skirt with suspender straps worn over your shoulders to hold it up like a big boss that you are.

The garment can be worn as just a high waisted skirt or with the suspenders attached. They fasten on with buttons and have two button holes so the straps can be adjusted to two different lengths.

There were a few extra threads on my item but they were clipped off easily image. The material is a nice paragon blend, and not to heavy. On my shape the skirt is quite short. I have to wear shorts or a petticoat underneath it so you can't see my bum.

There are many ways of wearing a red suspender skirt, maybe with a cute T-shirt or a blouse image, I decided to pair it with a red and white polka dot T-shirt, a bow tie and white socks to have a flirty school girl outfit.

I like this skirt, I’ll love coming up with outfits for it. Like I said, it’s cute and flirty. It’s flowy and playful image. The suspenders are adorable and give this skirt a charming school uniform feeling. The color is good too. I’d recommend you to wear it with shorts underneath… or even better, with cute bloomers and a frilly peter pan collared shirt, now you’re a doll Wハート.

This post ends here image. See you in my next blog post with new adorable items. Bye bye!~
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