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Halloween Party

Happy November ! I can’t believe it’s already Halloween week! We have one last Halloween idea to share today, hope you like it. I am always so sad when Halloween is over, even though there are so many more fun things to look forward to right now. Halloween night is my favorite night of the year, and this year was no exception We had our annual Halloween party, it's really pretty low key, just some good food&drinks. 

What do you think about my Halloween Makeup  ? ahhahaha lol

All decorations by Mayu and me 

We spent all day putting up the decorations and turning our living room into a little haunted house .

 Trick or Treat 

Which one your fav food? Please choose one of your fav food hahha!  I'm just curious. My fav food of course is Giant Eye Fried Chicken wahahaha. Whatever fried chicken look like what , i can't live without eat it.

All food made by Cominica 

So, to my fellow Halloween lovers, I hope you have a spooky, wonderful, frightful Halloween night. !
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