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EOS Blytheye New Adult Grey Circle Lenses Review

Hello hello . Today I'm back with a new review for you! This time I will be reviewing EOS  Blytheye New Adult Grey circle lenses with a halloween makeup. Who is excited about another Halloween-themed review.  Since Halloween is coming up, and circle lenses are very popular with costumes, I decided I would do try a 'Scary Half Face' make up for halloween. Oh my gosh. You've know, I FREAKING LOVE HALLOWEEN . For the past two years I’ve used circle lenses to take my Halloween costumes up. Circle lenses are contacts that make your iris appear larger, creating a doll-like effect. Here is my review 

Brand / EOS 
Origin / South Korea
Diameter / 14.0mm
Base Curve / 8.6mm
Water Content / 38%
Life Span / Yearly 

 Both lenses 

Color and Design: 
The color of these lenses are really really lovely and very Prominent. I love how the lenses make my dark eyes look truly light grey . and I'm excited about these lenses I've been on a search for a Grey that SHOWS Grey but still looks great.

Now some pictures of them in my eyes .

Very comfortable. They can get a bit dry if you wore them for an extended period of time  but that can be fixed with eye drops. They don't make me have a headache or feel heavy. They are a thin comfortable lens.

The enlargement not too big as they are also only 14 mm, But It still give the look of larger eyes than the original Adult series . These lenses give you a sort of dolly effect with the strong limbal ring but nothing too intense since they aren't huge lenses (only being 14mm) . If you are looking for a mature, natural looking pair of lenses, I would definitely recommend these!

I'm a huge fan of the EOS Blytheye New Adult  series, especially the grey and blue colours. As you can tell from all the photos , I wear them frequently and all the time. Really glad I can recommend it to everyone and finally do a proper review on these lenses! This is the end of my review. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. 

Would you try this look. Did you dress up for Halloween What Halloween looks would you like to see in this year Let me know in the comments. Have a fun and safe Halloween.
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