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Creamy Bunny JuizyWoozy

Hello cuties ! How are you? For me, as busy as never but i taking the time to change my hair color again because i've bored to looking brown or blonde color. I've required a big struggle to get this color. I give the name "Ash Navy" for my new hair color. In outdoor the color look ash violet but when indoor the color look ash navy color hahahaha . What do you think about my new hair color?

My mother don't like my new hair color coz she said pink color better for my face lol , but all my friends say love this color . Okay, Back to topic! Today i'll review a adorable T-shirt from Juizy Woozy

Juizywoozy is a leading brand in fashion trend where kawaii things from Indonesia, made in a fresh way beyond limitation . An innovative line of apparel, bags, accessories and more, juizywoozy has built a worldwide following with its larger-than-life characters and designs.

The owner is so kind because their help me when i need internship for my assignment. I've a some Juizy Woozy products in my room because their products super quirky and super cute . If you like Kawaii Culture, you must check out their shop! I really recommend for all because they open ship worldwide. 

I love a cute bunny on this T-shirt and puffy models on sleeve . The pastel colour mix white polka dot, This adds more kawaii in this T-shirt. Beside that, the quality is good, the stitching is good, the materials, the style, everything is perfect.

Their collection are ready to wear, casual, but super kawaii. And for all their t-shirt collection, they are all 100% cotton. I love everything from their collections and of course I wish I cold buy them all hahaha!

Photobucket Instagram: @juizywoozy
Photobucket Facebook: Juizy Woozy
Photobucket E-mail: juizywoozy@yahoo.com
Photobucket Website: www.juizywoozy.com (ship worldwide)

Store :
 Mall Kelapa Gading 3: Fashion Hub Lt. 2 #2A-02. Jakarta 14240, Ph. (021) 45853793
 Summarecon Mall Bekasi: 2F-138. Bekasi, Ph. (021) 29572354

T-Shirt, Bag, and Accessories from Juizy Woozy. Their collections look super kawaii! Anyone agree with me? Don't forget to check Juizy Woozy facebook page .

Okay, I think that's all for today's review and see you later on my next blog post. Kisses, Bye-bye .

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