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Review: I.Fairy Kitten Tears Real Brown Lenses from HanaVillage

Today i'll review a circle lenses from HanaVillage HanaVillage is an online store which is selling Asian Cosmetic Beauty and Coloured Lens. Here is my review~~

Diameter : 16.2mm
BC : 8.6mm
Water Content : 55%

The shipping was quick, my package arrived a lot earlier than I expected ! I really liked the packaging of this lenses because it's look very cute with a kitten illustration and black design. I.Fairy lenses specialize in providing big diameter (16.2mm) circle lens which give you big eyes effect. All their other styles have really unique design too, so go check them out !

Both lenses 

Color and Design: 
The colour look natural and these lenses blend in pretty well with my natural eye color. Has a brown ring on its outside so they're gives out the big eyed look and dolly but it looks rather natural

First, I must say this lenses is very amazing. I was really excited to try them as I had never had such big lenses before. As said before they do make your eyes look a lot bigger! 

Now some pictures of them in my eyes .

With flash 

 Natural light 

This circle lens is pretty comfortable, though I must admit not as comfortable as the other lens I tried before. Maybe it is because they are bigger than usual lenses or my eyes aren't used to this type of lenses? But after that I don't have any problems with them all day so I'm guessing it's not that bad. When I first put it in, I couldn't feel them at all, but after a while of wearing them, my eyes started to get a bit dry. I would maybe at most wear these for like 4-5 hours. 


web: HanaVillage.com
FB: Facebook.com/hanavillagecom

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